Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knitting Helper

I can't turn my back for one moment. I actually can do what I want on Mondays which is day care. I took a bath by myself, with no puppy grabbing the wash cloth or soap or whatever else. I am working on several ideas and things. I am knitting a beautiful cowl with Dream in Color yarn. I hope to have it done for the newsletter this coming month. I am busy working on Sheep in the City details. I am getting excited with all the little ditties that will be going on. Oh to keep in the mode of all of the cooking godesses out there. I made Pumpkin scones for this mornings Breakfast club. I would take a photo but I am too busy shoving them into my piehole. I sure wish is would warm up some, a nice 40 degree winter would be fine. My heating bill is through the roof, but where do you cut back??? Do you wear a coat inside? I don't think so. I can't live like that if I don't have to. At this rate I may be sleeping under the viaduct sooner than later, so I want heat while I can. I sympathize with all of those street people. We all know there whole goal in life as a young child had to be more aspiring. How bad can things turn? I am pretty sure I am safe to say, most of us are a couple of paychecks away from that situation. That is why it is important to be grounded in the idea of helping the less fortunate. It can happen to us so quickly. I could sleep anywhere, I could pick through garbage, but God forbid, where would I eat?????? I need food. and not from a dumpster.

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