Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catch a blur!!!

Whew.....trying to get a photo of the white blizzard, is like trying to catch the wind. The puppy is non stop!!!!! From one toy to the next, mouth open and all teeth. I am going into the Guiness World book as the World's largest, chew toy!!!! I did get my Spinning guild gift made....wahoo!!!!! I am figuring out how to handle or should I say juggle my life now. I keep thinking in a year this will be behind me and years pass so quickly. So I am trying to enjoy this little terror, and get my kisses when I can minus the pucture wounds in my chin!!!! The Christmas stockings are coming in and that is exciting, not too mention beautiful. This is going to be a short week, so today I am putting up the decorations and getting ready for Christmas......!!!! My SIL and I were talking about how it seems like just yesterday thing happened for her. My prospective is different, sometimes it seems like ages when I did something, I am thinking maybe it is because I have packed so much life into such little time. High school was something I just "had" to do, and did it. Art classes got me through that!!! I went to one year of college, and hated school, no surprise. I got married, had a son, got divorced, started an apprenticeship got a good job, got married, got divorced, started doing what I love in Art shows, retired and started my own business. Wow, I need a nap now.....So I am going to be Thankful for all of my life experiences, it is what has formed me as a person and my life. I am also thankful for all of my friends and customers, that have helped me to live my dream. I want you to know just how much each and everyone of you means to me. Thank you!!!!

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