Sunday, November 16, 2008

What the hell is wrong with me?????

Oh, he is cute and he kissed me right off....he stole my heart and rode home like a champ. He showed off like a fine prince and then less than 5 hours later has turned into Hell boy!!!!!!! Cute as hell but all teeth, nails and mouth. My life as I had known it is changed forever. I have changed his name 20 times from Columbus to Beastie to Jaws, to Hoover and on and on and he has been in my possesion appx. 20 hours. He misses nothing and thinks I am his new chew toy!!! He has had his first bath, and still smells a little puppyish. He has sardine breath, but oh those kisses....when I can steal one. He runs with his mouth open hoping to get something in it while on his journey. On the way home, I let him pee at a gas station...I know, but it was a long ride. He peed immediatly on the grass, my first reaction was....oh my he went right away....this won't be an issue. He has not peed on the paper or even close to it for that matter since. Cute does not define that look he gives me. He is loud when you put him in his cage, it is cross between a loud parrot and a baby crying. He has a temper that is very prominent and I think I am going to have my hands full with training. So what I am basically saying is, please if it seems like I just gave birth and am sleep deprived and if my hair is standing on end even more than usual....let it go....I have told people I remember when Joey was a puppy that, the first year, I would get up and get my cup of coffee and she would hang off the bottom of my nightgown by her teeth...I didn't care, I knew where she was......deja vous??????? What was I thinking???? I can only hope that in a few months I will read this with laughter and fondness....of the puppy hell. But darn he is cute!!!!!!!

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