Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Morning America

History is made, actually I think it is made every day, but this one is a biggie.
I am knitting on a purse with paintbox yarn, it is mitered squares and is coming along quite nice. I am actually making progress and sticking to it....see it's little pieces at a steps. I get to pick up Iggy sometime around the 15th of this month. So it is time to puppy proof, my main concern is cords. I am not one to change the way I live for anyone. I believe you need to learn the word..."No" but cords are like chocolate, so I will be lifting them off of teeth range. I have a gate to put at the top of the steps, which means I will be getting my leg lifting exercises. I can't wait to kiss his little puppy belly. I asked about his tinge of yellow, brownish fur and she reassured me it is puppy ink??? Orange ink or something like that, which means the embroyo sac juice stains their fur. It gets whiter after some grooming and baths.....
I remember when we picked up Scott and Cheryls puppies, they stunk rotten socks, they were so cute but the whole car stunk!!!! These puppies have been cared for a lot better, and they still smell a little socky!!!! Puppy schmell!!!!
Scott calls the puppy Iggy poop already...tell me he is lying.....please

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