Friday, October 24, 2008

Guess who I got to see???

I am in love.....there are two boys and two girls and one of the boys is my Iggy!!! I couldn't touch them till they have more of their vaccines but they sure are attentive. There was Houdini that was trying to get out of that cage in worst way!!! There was a little girl that kept shoving her face through the grids. I get first pick of the boys....they are both talks alot???? I have four more weeks to wait.....aaaaccckkkkkk But I wanted you to see them too!!! The photos are pretty bad, it was kind of dark and they were moving constantly till they all dropped in a ball to nap!!!! I am thrilled!!!
More puppy photos

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Janyce said...

Now that is what I call cute!! Oh my, how can you look and not touch????? Did she duct tape your hands? I wouldn't be able to contain myself.