Friday, October 03, 2008

Look what's coming!!!!

I've been lonely too long!!!! This is a photo of Iggy's cousins.....which in turn means, this is not my dog but my new puppies cousin. My puppy is only two weeks old, so he is looking like a mouse about now. I am the owner of a baby West Highland Terrier. He is so young and he won't come home till November or when his mom kicks him out. So I am nervous, like bringing home a new baby.....Seems like only yesterday I brought Joey home and the biggest thing I remember is her hanging off of my nightgown with her teeth and me drinking coffee and letting her because I knew where she was. She was so cute and energetic...and I thought am I ready for that again??? I am and I ain't.....but I do know I miss Joey so much and she has left such a void in my life that I need something not to replace her nothing could do that but to keep me company.....and a reason why I talk to it's been weird taking a bath without some four legged animal pushing the door open to make sure I am doing a good job washing all over. So I have not seen the little mouse, but I thought Iggy is a good name or Ozzy, but Iggy pup, seems appropriate for a little white haired puff ball.

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Bonnie said...

Oooh too cute!! We can't wait to meet Iggy!!! Rufus will have a new buddy!!