Monday, October 06, 2008

Mike on a bike

I was invited to my Son and his girlfriends home for dinner. He rides his bike to work and had said he will meet me about 5:30pm. I am always early but thought I would stop on the lakefront for a quick walk. I live by Lake Michigan. So I am driving in very busy after work traffic and I am concerned about a biker, with traffic licking at his elbows when they pass dawned on me it could be my son, but I thought it was kind of early. Then all bikers look alike, black spandex, helmets and glasses and a determination to keep moving. As I pass him swerving way around him, sure enough it was Mike. He saw me we stopped and talked and my heart was in my throat knowing that he travels that path every day and let me tell you it was busy....he is only inches from preoccupied drivers and one little swerve can kill him or cripple him for life. Then we have the rash of hit and run drivers of bicyclists here in the area to add to the worry. Well I took his backpack into the car and while I was passing him and the traffic was taking a break, I opened the window and unbelievably got this shot!!!! Sometimes I get kind of mad at bikers when they do this weaving in and out and ride side by side on the side of the road. I too try to ride my bike and worry about cars, so I have a respect for riders.
Then last night I am following a drunk driver....obviously drunk or having a seizure or stroke. The person stopped 1/2 bk. behind the stop light, I beeped and they creeped forward, this was my first clue. Then went from one lane to the other to the center of both lanes. I watched in fear and stayed a safe distance behind. Then she hit the curb and came into oncoming traffic and that is when I dialed 911. This woman was going to kill someone else. We go under a bridge and she is in two lanes and swerving, she is not leaning over to play with the radio, her window is wide open and it is pouring rain. The operator, starts giving me the third degree. I follow her for 3 miles and no police, I am asked if it is a man or woman??? Does it matter if you are going to kill someone?? Is he/she, hispanic, African American? Excuse me, I am calling about a drunk driver, if for one minute you think I am going to go next to their car and look for there Ethnic Evaluation and who cares they are going to kill someone. I gave you their license plate number, the color of thier I don't know what she is wearing or what her hair color is....are you serious, I am in my car, not on her windsheild???? Oh my God she is in the wrong lane.....she is turning into a gas station....hey you know what, she is at Speedway, (that's how I know it's a she) If you don't want her to kill someone, I don't know her address, if she has McDonalds on her carseat or any birthmarks but she is there...I am done, I am going for dinner. I was by the airport which has a sheriffs department there, I followed her to be a witness if she did hit someone, which is a blessing she didn't , I am not in the habit of doing this but it was really scary. I understand the police don't want some revenge caller just harassing another driver....but come on.....what color hair do they have?? Did I mention it was dark and raining????? I was going to kill someone!!!!

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Bonnie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean with the drunk driver. Hub and I did just the same thing, followed a drunk driver from about Menards on 27th street to Best Buy parking lot on 76th street. I called the guy in ... he was driving like that woman you described. LUCKILY the Greenfield police are better about showing up and they came and talked to the guy in the van, then came and talked to Hub and I in our car (during which time, drunk guy snuck outta his van and waddled up 76th street toward coldspring road.) Lady Cop then called for backup as she thought she had to search store, we were given ok to leave, we left, and saw the guy AGAIN.. this time walking went back to Best Buy told cops, they went up road and caught him. This was like 5 months ago, THEN a month ago we get a call to go to the Greenfield police dept to do a picture lineup to see if Hub and I can identify the guy from pics.... well amazingly enough we both did but i wasnt as positive it was him as hub was but we both picked the same guy. Not sure where that goes from there tho.