Monday, October 20, 2008

AAAcccckkk we missed one!!!

Today was such a fun day...later in the day that SIL and I went on a hunt for all 15 of the Quilts on Barns in Racine county. It was so much fun...I had a map and had it all tripped out. We headed out and in the morning was rain...we left at 1ish and the rain stopped and it was a bit overcast but then cleared up. It was a perfect day for photos and I have plenty!!! We hit one detour and figured we could catch it later....We traveled 115 miles including a must stop at the Cracker Barrel for a late lunch. It almost put us both into a our pursuit we saw wonderful trees with lots of color and alot of bare trees too. As I was putting this all together...hey, I'm missing one.....we missed the one close to the Lake...#15....I may have to run and get it tomorrow. So to view the photos, check this out!! It took us 5 hours including lunch. I highly recommend it. It would have been fun with a GPS unit!!!
Quilt Barns tour

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