Monday, October 13, 2008

Gene sucking

I'm sure you have heard of gene pooling? Well have you heard of gene sucking? Just like any other pregnancy I went full term. I had a wonderful nine months and was never sick or had any bad experiences. My son was born healthy and a great baby, he was content, slept through the night at two weeks and was a pleasure to raise. He has grown into a wonderful man and I found out what he drained from me...what he stole those nine months he was spinning and twirling in embryonic fluid....are you ready?? He stole all my exercise genes...oh yeah....I used to do stuff. I played hard my whole life. I used to run till my side hurt...climb trees, play baseball and football and ride's all gone....he took it all from me. He left me with exercise is a common syndrome, I just found out the name for it. I feel better there a cure??? I could try to follow him one day and see if I could catch up to him??? I could try to get it back but he is using it up fast...he rides his bike 50 miles at a shot....I can hardly drive that far without getting beware your child may be doing the same thing to you..they may look innocent, but they are sucking all of your exercise genes and leaving you a couch potato. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!


mmassie said...

Awe, come on now... You cashed in your exercise chips way before I came along! ;)

Anonymous said...

My kids stole my housecleaning genes. I am a terrible housekeeper & they are both compulsive neat-freaks.