Friday, October 17, 2008

Things are looking up!!

I was getting dressed this morning and found I had a visitor on my porch. I think he was looking for something to eat. He was swinging on my swing, standing on my grill and scoping out the hummingbird feeder???? So I got a shot at him, he decided to be a poser!!!! He took off and tried to do a Tarzan swing on a bird house, not a feeder, maybe he isn't too smart. I don't encourage them to come and hang out but my porch swing seems to entice them. When I sit on it, I tend to wonder if I am going to get I have been spraying listerine on it with hopes it will keep them off....kind of like pepper spray for bears.....I can tell you neither one of them works well....the squirrel stretched out and sunned himself on the I put it there for him. I remember my old house at the bird feeder the squirrels were robbing it blind so I put capsium or red pepper in the feed, it is supposed to discourage the squirrels but won't harm the birds. The next day there were three of them at the feeder and they had sombreros on like the three Amigos. I know it is hopeless to try to discourage squirrels, so I will just enjoy shooting them with my camera!!!!!

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