Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bringing home baby

Happy Dance, Happy Dance....I am doing the Happy Dance....feet are tapping arms are flapping...Jannies doing the happy dance...Saturday I pick up the baby....Iggy pup...!!!! Cheryl is going to drive so I can hold him all the way home!!!!! I can get puppy kisses and rub his little puppy belly. Auntie Kim is watching the shop!!! I can't sleep.....I have toys to chew for Iggy oh and then I am worried he won't fit Iggy? Maybe he'll be a Winston, or a Lawrence...nah, if he is my dog he is a nutjob and no nutjob will be named "Winston" he will be an Iggy....I hope. LOL...I brought out all of the stashed toys and trinkets I have bought for him, I am checking for NO CHINA toys. I went over them closely inspecting them, checking them to see if everything is OK....oh forget it I just wanted to play with them. I have food bought, but he is coming home with food to make the transition slowly!!! He has a Vet appt. Monday morning and I have a chiro appt. so he will be a traveling puppy... he must learn to ride. Oh, I am exhausted....just thinking about my coming duties....three more sleeps to get Iggy!!!! So there will be new life in the shop, come Sunday!!!! The picture is not Iggy, it is just a Westie!!!


Janyce said...

Have you knit the puppy sweater and booties yet????? I am soooo excited for you1 I am having sympathy labor pains!!!!! And what about the baby bed?? Oh, for those little cheek kisses and frito feet!!!!!! Don't forget those cute little olive pit poops!

Dragonfly said...

I haven't been by in ages but I've been watching the puppy info with interest and a lot of "ohs" and "awws". I'll stop by soon.