Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh yes he is cute, but anyone know a Vet that removes teeth...flailing mouth and teeth. He is doing so well or maybe it is just me....I get up and potty and so does he, on the peepee pad in the mommy like baby.....!!! He comes when I call him, that is unless he has a ball of yarn in his mouth, and is running top speed across the room. I figure by Christmas, I will have a huge sale box of Iggy yarn. Slightly reduced because the label was removed and impaled with teeth and a little drool. Actually I am teathering him to stop this type of naughtyness. Not that it stops him but for a minute...he has his eye on the yarn at any chance I may go too close. This is not a flattering photo of him but it is what I see!!! TEETH!! He started puppy kindergarden and is doing good for his age, which today is his 9 week birthday. When I hold him I try to remember he won't be like this long....I hope!!! LOL


Lynda said...

Teathering is a really good idea! They get bored so quickly so you have to have things to distract him. We bought tons of toys for Ed in his youth. Ed loved playing fetch and you can tire them out that way. He still loves fetch. I did crate Eddie when he was young but he took it as punishment and now will not go near a crate. Mostly he likes to sleep on pillows with a blanket now.
They do calm down eventually but Ed is still a strong willed dog and you know you HAVE to be top dog!

Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie! hanna can't wait to see him (me too!)! we'll be in on friday if not sooner. the only shopping i want to do that day is for yarn!!!

jolene and hanna

ps i love puppy smell!