Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yak it up!!!

Yes I am spinning Yak, it is a wonderful fiber but reminds me of spinning cotton. It has a very short staple, so, much twist is needed, but not too much to make it stringy. It has been beautiful weather, and I am really enjoying sitting on my roof, soaking up the cool breeze that is causing some to walk by with "Sweaters" on? I wish I could say I was that "cool"? Unfortunately, I am still warm, but close to comfortable. Will this ever end? I am going to strangle "Precious" alias Big Mouth, aka Joey. I can't keep the front door open for fear that someone may by chance decide it is their right to walk their dog down our street!!! Or a squirrel, may sit in the front tree making faces at the dog, knowing full well she can't get out and rip her head off. Then there is little Peter Rabbit, that has to do acrobatics in the front yard while humming nananananananananaaaa. All this and then someone has the nerve to walk past our house with a dog? I have a deadbolt holding the jumping, barking hyena back to keep all trespassers safe, from the bolting wild dog!!! But this barking is driving me insane. So while I am on the roof, and someone walks by, Joey goes ballistic and starts her protective warning and I gently (Like animal trainers say) try to divert her attention, to something more calming...(like a tub full of water) and finally make her go into the house for punishment. Problem is she stares out the screen with this look like...what did I do? I love you mom? Big brown eyes staring and not flinching one bit. Intense...Ok she wins and we start all over again.


Betty said...

I have it Jan, If your still warm take your clothes off on the roof and when Precious starts to bark the passers by will look up and forget all about Joey. Do you think it will work?

Lois said...

Oh Betty, that's a great idea!!!!I think that should do the trick!

Spiderlady said...

Yeah like that would work. Instead of hollering at the dog, they would be blinded by the "Cat"
I don't think so. I am just getting a muzzle for her. the dog!!!