Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Toy Boy sweater

Poor Toy boy was feeling a little exposed, so I thought I might knit him a twisted cable sweater. It isn't long enough to cover his John Henry yet, so I had to lower it a little, I don't think it will be that long. Then again knowing my guage, this could be a sweater for the dog. Hopefully this will be another finished about huge undertakings!!! hahahaha I am using Mountain colors, I forgot which color but it is a wonderful mannish color.


Anonymous said...

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Spiderlady said...

Now you see why I have to have those letter verifications on the blog! Guess I will have to put it back on...unless you want me to keep it off so you can all surf!!!! I guess someone else likes Toy boy!!

annie said...

ew nudie spam!

nice loin cloth for Ken, though!

Betty said...

I think Toy Boy is handsome. I'm thinking more of a brawny look. Plaid shirt, goofy floppy earred hat, and work boots. A chain saw would be another nice touch.

My vote is for the verification letters again. You don't want to tempt fate and get a sex virus. Would that be a social disease?