Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Northerner

The photo is my livingroom window curtain, which normally lays quite close to the window or window frame. But!!! and I say that with great is a wonderful northern wind, that actually 5 minutes earlier made the curtains stand straight out into the livingroom. This is great!!! It is cool, I did say Northern wind!!! So I am sitting here, sucking it up!!! I am having a cup of coffee, and relaxing....I am off tomorrow!!!! Welcome long weekend!! Now to watch Greys Anatomy.

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Betty said...

The north wind is a welcome friend in the summer, I'm not going to think about winter yet. I'm still picking out plants for my garden. you know the one that I haven't started yet never mind about the 3 that are out of control.

When the nature books say leave the flower heads for the birds and winter interest never saw how fast purple cone flowers and glorioso's can multiply. Like f'n rabbits on steroids.

How did you manage to get tomorrow off? Is it Janny day or something?