Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Virgin Photo

I got it...my new camera! It is sleeker and more compact than the old one. That only means I can dig that much longer for it in my knitting bags. Remember those old ones that were the size of a lunch box? Couldn't loose them in a purse!!! How about Polaroids, they were fun, expensive but fun...the excitement peeling back the developing paper only to find another black, blurry photo. I tend to get attached to my camera, it is a big part of how I express myself, but I had no problem packing up the old one and sending it off today!!! Bye bye! So...that leads me to my first photo, Tinker. Now look at the first photo, he looks so cute and cuddly when he doesn't look at the camera. And he is..

But check out the evil face when he looks right at the camera....mean kitty!!! When in fact he is an affection whore. He was first to come out of his cool hiding spot to check out the new camera. I am beat, from the heat and I will do more tomorrow.

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