Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New Cargo pants for Toy boy

Beth from Krosha` is the first to make Toy Boy a new pair of pants!!!! Pretty snazzy and they fit pretty darn good.

I went tonight to Wednesday knitting at Krosha` and as always it is a fun group and we passed Ken around and ate Pizza and spinach dip and Beths store cat, Jack, decided to walk on the duct work, the length of the store.

I think he does this all night long and had to show off his mountain lion techniques to the Ladies in the room. Males you know....he had a captive audience and as he tight rope walked the duct work and showed his jumping expertise, you could see the pride on his face. Oh on a side note, I have been absent from blogging due to a broken water heater. Oh yes, yet another disaster on the home front. This was not just a not working water heater but a leaking river one. Why not? So after two days of no hot water I am once again in business and a hot bath was the first thing on my agenda.

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Betty said...

Is there a different kind of broken hot water heater. Dean the water heater is making that hissing sound again and there is water on the floor. Is the warrenty still good? We're on our 3rd water heater on the same warranty. The next one will be a hot water on demand one. Ah yes a hot bath you stinker!