Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stonewood Village show

This is how my booth looked last year. It was 90' in the shade and I of course was sweating like a horse. You know when people say "I sweat like a pig?" Pigs don't sweat.? horses really sweat and need to be cooled down, I can relate. So now my story goes like this, it is too humid for muffin here to set up and sit in a booth all day. Needless to say I had to cancel the show and stay home, I am grounded. So I am playing beautician and coloring, highlighting and cutting my hair today!! That's one of my favorite boredom pass times. Now for the real story, my sister asked if I was taking mom along to the show today with me? Uhmmm...she said it would be nice so if you have to go to the bathroom or walk around mom can watch your booth.....hhhhhhmmmmmmm. That would be a "NO!!!!!" One time I took her and she was explaining to the people just how expensive my things were....not good. The last, and I mean very last time, because sometimes we never learn. I was at a very elite show, with very wealthy, shoppers. A very nice woman was making a purchase of a turquise neckscarf, but fondling it at the counter. Dear mom says "Isn't that a beautiful color?" Ok that was good....the lady replies "It's my favorite!" As I take the scarf to wrap it up, mom pipes up with a little story....I had a work out suit that color and I told my friends it was my POLISH (that is not what you do to your nails!!! It is a country in Europe!!!!!) workout suit!!!! The lady looked at mom as I was crawling under the table and said "I am Polish!" I gave my mom, one of give a very bad child...kind of like...I am going to KILL you!!! She looks at me with total surprise and says..."Whaaaaaatttt???????"
What did I do?" I kindly told that lady to please excuse my mom, but I just took her out of the HOME, and I couldn't get a sitter. The lady gently nodded and smiled, paid for her scarf and left.... last time she came along!!!

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Betty said...

Someimes it's hard to come from the south side isn't it?