Monday, August 14, 2006

Camels anyone?

When I was in high school, I had a very good friend, her name was Linda. Linda and I behaved badly...all the time. We wondered why no one would ask us on dates. I will give you a synopsis of our outrageous behavior. We bought round sunglasses and took turns pretending we were blind and leading each other around.....We pretended to talk a foreign language, of our making......senior year we had an art teacher that found it easier to let us do "our" own thing in the hallway then disrupt his class, so we played on the stairway and found we could drag ourselves up and down the steps without using our legs, because our legs were paralzyed? We put a bugger on the wall to see how long it would be, before someone would touch it? And we would check on it. eeewwww, and we wondered why we didn't have dates? Senior project was to design and fly paper airplanes and see how far they would fly. We built ours out of cardboard and had everyone believing we were going to sit in it and fly off of the roof. Like that happened. We met these guys and told them to pick us up at 8ish by her house, we dressed in a dog and cat costume and I mean real furry ones, and while they were waiting for us, we came down the stairs meowing and barking....they left. Our last hurrah was a long time in the planning. We got our graduation gowns and skipped out of school and went and sat on the camels in front of the Shriners temple on Wisconsin ave. She has the photos, I have got to get them!!! She enlisted in the service and we wrote each other almost daily, she got out on a honorable medical discharge. We hung out the rest of the summer and our lives began to change. I met my first husband and she was dating his friend, it was a fun summer. She got married to the love of her life and began having children and I got married and we kind of went seperate ways. I missed our laughing till our stomachs hurt. We fell into the trap of growing up. With age comes death and as I have gotten older I read the obits, I must confess. I saw a photo of a familiar face and a smile that is inforgettable, in the obits. It was Lindas brother, he was a great guy and lots of fun. My heart sunk, but he must have touched a lot of lives they had a write up about him in about 5 different newspapers. I had to find my friend, and through the obits I found her new last name. I called her, and we couldn't stop talking. We are going to get together next week. I can hardly wait!!!! Meanwhile...Lois is sucking up to Toy boy!!! He's mine Lois....hands off!!! Ok you can touch him. I won't tell you what else she did with him...what happens at Jannys stays at Janny's.

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