Thursday, September 02, 2010

Flavored coffee

I am not a fan of flavored coffee, I like plain black coffee, a mild blend, in a mug.  Flavored coffee smells so good but I just don't like the aftertaste it leaves.  I went to a house party this week and she made Hazelnut coffee and it was really good, really good.  I asked her what kind it was and that I normally don't care for flavored coffee.  She blends it herself, a small amount of flavored beans to a larger amount of regular coffee.  What a great idea, it really cut the strong flavored coffee and left just a  hint that made it taste very good and no aftertaste!!!  This could be dangerous?  Although I still think flavored coffee is somewhat of a dessert type of coffee.  It is for having conversation and visiting with a friend, not for a meal or my favorites first and last cup of the day!!  A stand alone, social cup, now this is just my opinion and being that I have not liked flavored coffee for all of these years which is about to change I am looking forward to Holiday Grog from Berres brothers....OMG good!!  But I am going to cut it with real coffee, mmmm can't wait.
I went to the Quilt show at the Milwaukee Art Museum, it is a beautiful exhibit.  The works are from the early 1800's and the fine stitching they accomplished is breathtaking.  This is the last weekend it is here and really worth seeing.  We went for schneck at the cafe, the desserts were very good, the service was very poor.  It amazes me that a hostess seeing that we were pushing a wheel chair, or even when my mom has a walker, puts us at the farthest table away from the entrance.  As I was pushing the chair and hostess was 20 feet away I looked at her like "seriously?"  do you not see this wheel chair and the fact that I am going to make everyone move to get by???  There were several empty tables I had to pass to start the obstacle course.  So I pushed her where the hostess wanted and two whole tables had to get up and move.  Use your head people.  It's like a pet peeve of mine when you are at a drive through window and they give you your change back, they lay the paper money in your open hand and pour the coin change on top of it.  Now this should be a taught thing during training.  It is better to put the loose change into your palm first and then the paper money can by grabbed after.  But the balancing act of holding your hand flat in order to keep the change from sliding off of the paper money and winding up on  the asphalt can be a trick.  I guess it's better than maybe just throwing the money at you??

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Anonymous said...

oh, aren't we opinionated. I do agree, flavored coffee isn't all that great. Just give me a cup o joe, java, lifer's juice and I'm set.
you know why they put the change on the bills don't you? they hope you drop some so you don't figure out they can't make change!

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