Monday, September 06, 2010

Knitting Idiot

I am knitting on these wristlets that are in Knit Scene magazine which by the way is a pretty good issue this month.  I have ripped these mitts about 5 times because
1.  I was socializing
2. Not paying attention
3. Forgot what I used for what marker
4. I am attention deficit
This is why I don't knit lace...every row is different.  I like a repreive, just purl a row or knit a row...just an easy row.  Because I do have ADS, you would think something different would be a good thing, I watch someone else knit on them with ease and my problem is I want to watch something else while I knit like TV???  I may have to rip them out once again to get back on track....arg....
I am waiting for the rain to roll in, it seems to be a heavy one, which means sump pump watch.  At least it is cool.

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Anonymous said...

You'll get it or I'll make you a pair. Too much work to knit to sell anyway.