Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mad Hatter tea party

Knitters can have fun at anything, did you ever notice that?  I could throw a walk on hot coals party and knitters would be laughing and enjoying themselves.  How about a mid winter picnic party?  I'm sure they would be there knitting with mittens on and having fun.  I had a Mad Hatter Unbirthday tea party last Saturday.  The order of the day was to dress funky or costume and bring a teapot, teacup and your favorite tea.  I had the hot water and cake!!  It was fun and there were many types of tea to choose from, some better than others and if you didn't like it you threw it over your shoulder.  It started out not so cold but got pretty damp and cold later and the party ers still knit.  We had layers on!!!  Knitted layers and it was fun!  I must have been walking on the tables or doing splits because for some reason the back of my knees are killing me, like I over extended them???  hhhmmmm sitting in a car?  I guess another year older and another ailment!!!  Oh and Dragonfly actually did knit herself into her project...note to self don't knit with gloves on.  Mike and Danijela also took me to Chicago for dinner and to take photos of the Bean.  What a piece of work!!!  and to think we in Milwaukee have the orange I beam sculpture?  For some reason I can't upload photos, the server is down so use the link to see photos of the party and the Bean!!!

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Dragonfly said...

it was chilly! *grin*