Monday, September 20, 2010

Life saving

You know how sometimes life just gets nutz?  More often than not, we get so caught up in life that we don't take time to be with people we love and enjoy being around.  I love the word Kindred Spirits because it is all encompassing.  For me spinning is so relaxing, fiber running through my fingers and twisting itself into a wonderful yarn is zen for me.  Plying it is pleasing...watching two energies wind around each other in a motion of dancing, twisting and then sometimes contorting.  When I sit with other spinners, it is enjoyable to watch each one handle the fiber differently.  There is no "right" way or wrong way, you can do what ever you like to yarn and make it what you want.  I am thinking it may be like clay to a potter.  So this weekend was great, my spinner friends all taking time from busy lives and spending time with our wheels and fiber, food peace and quiet!!!  It was wonderful, and I am thankful for friends like that...they "get it"  So many of us don't take the time and we really need to, kind of like refilling our pitchers with life, so we can pour some in each glass again until it is gone, only to refill it and life goes on

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