Monday, September 20, 2010

Washington Island Retreat

So the photo above it a second before Buster the dog, snaps at Dear Martha for trying to pull a burr off of his ear....Buster was not happy and I think Martha moved pretty fast herself.  I just spent a week up on the island.  It started out kind of rainy but I didn't care, I was spinning and felting and playing.  It was so quiet and relaxing.  I stay a Cedar Point Inn, right off of the Ferry, it is quiet and very very reasonable.  A friend of mine owns it and he is a super guy.  So if you want to get away this is the place to go to write, read or just sleep.  The island is nice and my favorite coffee shop is Red Cup Killer coffee, (of course it is Alterra)  Ann the owner is very nice.  The Swedish Mill is Ok they have free WIfi, but they atmosphere just isn't the same as Red Cup!!!   A drive around the island is a must and there are lots of deer and sandhill cranes.

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