Sunday, September 05, 2010

Labor Day

Did you know that our forefathers fought and lives were lost for a 35 hour work week?  Not a 40 hour week but a 35 hour work week.  Did you know that if Unions hadn't stepped in workers would be working endless hours and at the mercy of the company they work for?  Did you know the Union idea was actually thought of as a Communist plot.  Anyone associated with the Union was thought to be affiliated with Communism.  All of this to see people working 60 hour work weeks.  What is happening to America, we work more and make less money, or we work more to spend more and live beyond our means.  When I worked at Miller we could have all of the overtime we wanted.  There were guys there that worked every day and sometimes 12 hour days.  They hated me...they couldn't understand how I could work 40 hours and survive.  They were miffed when their wives decided to leave them for someone that was not "working" all the time.  What happened to living on a 40 hour check?  I and the bank, owned a home, a car, I had a child, what I did not have was a boat, land up north, extravagant taste.  I lived modestly, because it was all I could afford.  It was my decision to forego fancy stuff to work a regular work week so I could have a life out of work.  I don't begrudge anyone for having those things, but at what cost?  Your family, I would explain to them that woman really want you around.  Yes the money is great, but you are forgetting your family.  You can never go back....ever...your children grow up and you get older and you can't redo that.  As you get older, life goes by faster, the years blur on into the other.  Take time to live life, play and balance things out.  Spend time with those you love.  Let's not go back to the sweatshop eras.  Remember to take time to enjoy life.

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