Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now tell me why?

Just a question...why in the world would Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars follow me on Twitter?  just saying.....what could that possibly be other than a computer glitch, or some hacker trying to add him to my Twitter??  Not quite sure what that is about, not quite sure I want to know.  I have watched the show a few times but don't like the drama and arguing between each other.  I prefer "Pickers"  it is so funny how human beings do not want to let loose of anything they have in their possession.  I can't watch Hoarders because Hoarding is a disease, filthy is another problem and to have 6 dead cats under a foot of garbage is just sick.  There is not enough soap to clean me after I watch that show!!  Ugh...I am trying to get into work mode after vacation mode....I am still idling down or revving up whichever it goes.  I am looking at a mound of paperwork on my desk....a pile of "stuff" on the table...fiber all over?  Did I say, I don't like to watch Hoarders?  Whenever I am hanging on to something I think of the woman that had a plastic broken hanger and she justified it by saying " some crafter may be able to use it?"   Maybe she is right?  at that point I toss whatever it is...unless of course it is Seaglass...oh how I love seaglass, the feel of it the color the frostiness of it's finish, the smooth round edges...somewhere I have a bag of it...I find it now and then and just breath deep and sigh......ahhhhh Seaglass.  So now you know my weakness!!!  Up on the island some Artist had some Sea Glass wrapped in what looked like rubber cording.  I almost.....almost picked it up to look at it and then may be rubber...and rubber and I have a plain old hate relationship, it will kill me not doubt.  Speaking of yesterday I went into Goodwill to complete my costume for the Tea Party Saturday....I thought I just smelled perfume...oh no that place is swimming in Febreez.....I turned and ran out of there and spent 15 minutes trying to breath.  I did the inhaler thingy and had the hardest time to recover from that little trip.  Choking and coughing and saying in a little voice please open my air ways!!!   So shoppers beware if you are allergic to Febreez, stay out of Good will at all costs.

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