Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knitting Helper

I can't turn my back for one moment. I actually can do what I want on Mondays which is day care. I took a bath by myself, with no puppy grabbing the wash cloth or soap or whatever else. I am working on several ideas and things. I am knitting a beautiful cowl with Dream in Color yarn. I hope to have it done for the newsletter this coming month. I am busy working on Sheep in the City details. I am getting excited with all the little ditties that will be going on. Oh to keep in the mode of all of the cooking godesses out there. I made Pumpkin scones for this mornings Breakfast club. I would take a photo but I am too busy shoving them into my piehole. I sure wish is would warm up some, a nice 40 degree winter would be fine. My heating bill is through the roof, but where do you cut back??? Do you wear a coat inside? I don't think so. I can't live like that if I don't have to. At this rate I may be sleeping under the viaduct sooner than later, so I want heat while I can. I sympathize with all of those street people. We all know there whole goal in life as a young child had to be more aspiring. How bad can things turn? I am pretty sure I am safe to say, most of us are a couple of paychecks away from that situation. That is why it is important to be grounded in the idea of helping the less fortunate. It can happen to us so quickly. I could sleep anywhere, I could pick through garbage, but God forbid, where would I eat?????? I need food. and not from a dumpster.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Iggy Beaver

As I sit here, relaxing with my cup of coffee, my most favorite thing in the morning....i can hear a beaver chewing on wood, it could be my couch or my ottoman, or whatever else is wood. Only it is not a beaver, it is Iggy. Last night he was on a chewing mission. Now you may say..."give him something to chew on" oh I living area is full of chew toys, but that does not compare to the taste of an antique rocker, or my sons woodworking project from high school. Knitting needles with the essence of "mom" on them. So I am on a mission to spray my whole house with bitter apple, but guess what it makes it hard for me to breath...!!! I wonder how long this will go on?? But he is so cute, even while he is chewing the legs off of my furniture. Is it Ok to crate a puppy till they are say....3l???

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let me ask you this???

Why would you have a photo of underwear with a pair of sunglasses on them?? Unless of course they seen how white I am??? What is it with women going into the bathroom for that 5 minutes of private toilet time??? No one dare enter when a man goes into the powder room....why when a mom/ woman goes into the bathroom you need an entourage of walk bys. I remember as a mom, the minute my pants came down, my son decided he had to wash his hands??? He never had that urgency before, but then I had cats and there is NO way you can close a bathroom door with out that extension arm coming under the door and pumping in a way to make their arms long enough to unlock the door. Now I have a puppy, bad enough we take a bath together, because it's easier, but when my pants come down my undies make an instant Hammock, or slingshot or parachute! So I have given up trying to relax in the bathroom anymore. It seems my dear puppy has the bad dog incentive when I sit in the bathroom. Ha look ma I can do all of these bad things, and your pants are around your knees!!!! Today he pulled the spring shower curtain rod down....almost beaning me on the head. I am getting oblivious to bad behavior, like a parent of a screaming brat child. How long are they puppies?? We also have a new potty training method, he taught me....He poops and rings the bell for me to come and clean it up!!! I can just see him mouthing " Good job, mommy".......bababbbabababbaaaabbbababbbabababbababbababa

Monday, January 19, 2009

Puppy Day Care

Is Killer!!!!! This is what day care does for a puppy!!! He is dead to the world, he has not moved. I love how he comes home all scruffy and played out!!!! Now I can knit!!! I am working on the Spider scarf, I am half way done.....hey that's pretty good for me!! We went to the Hotel today to check it out again and I am so excited about it....If you can stay for the weekend it will be a blast!!! I can't wait!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cutting up

There is a new toy here, Cricut, my intention was to make my own quick signs for Sheep in the City and now I have a monster on my hands. This little machine is awesome. There is no paper safe with in reach. It cuts, it prints, it embosses it vacuums the living room, dusts and more....It is really fun to use. I am in the process of making two journals for the Prayer Shawls that will be at Sheep in the City, you can sit and knit and write a Good will message, on a shawl that will be donated to a Breast Cancer fighter. So it gives me a reason to play.
Tomorrow is Day care for Iggy, he is all fluffly from his bath and he will come back dirty and scruggy looking...playing all day!! I have errands to run. And then another week begins.
I actually started up the car for the first time since Thursday, we went to my brothers/SIL. Their dogs want nothing to do with Iggy, they don't want to play and they snarl and gnash their teeth.....Iggy just doesn't understand. Neither do they!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


So we have our first cable casualty!!!! No not cable needles that would be a cheap one, more like an Apple cable $80.00. So tonight I have to venture out to Best Buy, who are holding it for me, to get a new, power cord for my laptop. Iggy was quite proud of his destruction, he showed it to me....
He is losing teeth, and no I didn't knock them out, so now the teething......this is a stage I can do without. Potty training is at a standstill, it is tooo cold for him to go out. He does sometimes, but not always!!!!
I knit on my spider scarf a little last night.
I opened the shop but stayed upstairs it was too cold to stay down there when I have a warm home upstairs, needless to say it was dead all day. I am hoping for a warm up today!!! LOL ROTHFL!!!!!! Warm up???? I have not started my car for three days, which is better than just starting it and not running it for a long time.
Welcome to the Deep freeze!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

BBBrrrrrrrr need I say more???
I feel sorry for Iggy having to go outside potty, but then again I go out with him. Used to be I had to work in this cold and my sympathy to those that still do. Keep knitting it keeps your hands warm.
Iggy lost two teeth, could this be the end to the mouthing???? I would have taken photos but he won't keep his mouth open unless my hand is in it.
I want to spin, right now, unfortunately if I brought my spinning wheel into the living room, I would create a new monster.....I will do it in the shop later today, without all of the hassle. I have a hat idea I want to make. This can be scary???
I am curious how many Wisconsinites will venture out today, to come and shop????? I think I will be making some Chili and putting the "Ring the bell" sign on the door!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Rocky 4

Today was Iggy's Birthday he is four months and also his first day of doggy day care!!! I dropped him off in good condition at 7am and they told me he would be tired when he got home from playing all day. They told me they would call me at noon to let me know how he was doing. It was about 1pm when I got the call and they said he is doing well, he is play bowing alot and having fun with all the other dogs. I said I will pick him up at 4:30pm. I have to say I missed him, he is a huge part of my routing right now....meanwhile my sump is twirling water in the crock?? What now???? I ask Kim if her crock has swirling water....uuhh no??? So I call the plumber that installed the pump and they said it may be a frozen exhaust pipe. So of course it is frozen!!! So Kim's husband comes over and adds a hose and low and behold it pumped for about 20 minutes...that is one heck of a lot of water.
So I go to pick up my furry cargo and when I walk in there is a dry erase board saying" Welcome Iggy puppy of the day" and on the TV is a video of precious playing with what else.....Dobermans, Rottweillers, Labs, not puppies he's with the big dogs. I said he played with the big dogs.....she said all day!!!! Then she said I have to apologize, Iggy got a puncture wound on his head?? Really how bad is it....well I cleaned it but he was really mad at me and you should put some neosporine on it when you get home. They weren't sure how he got it but, he got it and she didn't see it happen. So out comes Rocky with his play wound. I guess it wouldn't be so bad but he is white!!! He was happy to see me, but I think he is so tired he can't move. He is moaning whenever he moves and he is totally oblivious to my existance. He looks all scruffy and played this rate he may sleep for a couple of days!!!! There was another woman there and she said he dogs come home with doggy injuries every so often, especially when they were new. It's called pushing the limits!!!! He will be OK....

Monday, January 05, 2009

Early morning

This is not Iggy but it could be his ears are huge!!!!
Yes it is Monday!!! Dr visit Monday....most every Monday, I am renaming it Momday!!!! I am sure this is another phantom test we need to have done for Mom.....let's make sure we spend all of the Medicare money we can. Oh well, I have two knitting projects to work on, the leaf scarf which holds my attention and a cowel neck scarf from Dream in Color. A broken rib pattern that is easy and quick and a mindless knitting project. They are both small enough not to load me down while I drag my mom's walker a wheel chair and all my stuff. Today she is having a Stress test....they say it will be 3 hours, we'll see, but poor Iggy will be locked up for the duration. I am fighting off the cold that everyone is sharing, this morning it seems I am doing better than last night, thank you Vitamin C!!! It is day four of my New Years Resolution and I have almost accomplished one, which is I sent out all of my friends birthday cards, so I won't miss anyone this year and the second is to faithfully take my vitamins. I always start out strong, what is the big deal, swallow a bunch of pills.....done. So I am doing Ok with that so far. We had our first Puppy emergency last night. I have pillows on the couch with of course buttons on them, (they used to have buttons on them) so Iggy pup was playing with one of the pillows and then started drinking a ton of water and flipping his head kind of weird and acting like he was gagging???? So I figured it was a string or something. I had to fight with him to open his mouth for me to see the button stuck tight to the roof of his this button has two options, down the throat and blocking his airway/stomach some devastating organ.....or out into my hand. He was not sitting real quiet for this operation, me shoving my fingers into his mouth and prying this button which is about an inch across off of his mouth. I got it out and cut all the buttons off of the pillows. It was really stuck up there, but he is fine.
Puppy time is beginning to wear on me, we run to the door every five minutes to pee and it never fails when I pee he wants to go out too....hhhhhhmmmm this poses the penquin walk as I try to pull up my pants to run to the door....Life is good!!!! I am enjoying our bonding but let me remind anyone of you thinking of a puppy....remember the worst!!!! and hope for the best!!!! LOL!!!!! He is sleeping soundly as I speak.....I love when he sleeps!!!! LOL!!!!