Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm moving!!!

Yes I am moving, or my blog is moving to

STDear, you are invited to come along, because it is a free World!

I am having so many problems with photo uploads and what is a blog without photos so I am making the move.  Bear with me as I work through the transition.  Enjoy this awesome weather!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cafe Knitting trip

Warning: This is a positive blog for my disgruntled followers?  Why would you read something you don't like,  isn't that kind of weird?  or is that stalking?

Yesterday was a great day, friends and I traveled from one outdoor coffee shop to another knitting.  Not to mention we were riding around in a convertible, and just enjoying the wonderful day.  We get those perfect days so seldom,  in Wisconsin, it was great to take advantage of them(positive).  I finished the Smocking Square for the KAL and I really like it (positive)!  I also started the Exploding Moss Stitch square, (another positive, how is my score?)  or is that a minus because it is not finished yet?  We drank plenty of fluids (positive)  and ended up having a great dinner outside.  So the whole day we were outdoors enjoying the sunshine. (positive)  We took a ride through the park and I realized it has been ages since I was on a picnic.  A real picnic with a grill and coolers and knitting or spinning.  I think I need to plan a picnic potluck for fiber friends!  (positive, right?)  I have an idea where it can be held, with a shelter, just in case we get some rain.  (positive planning, veering slightly to the negative thinking it may rain.)  So this event would be open to anyone interested, I just need to find a date.  Wishing you all, today and this week, boundless happiness and peaceful thoughts, and please remember to treat your neighbors as you would like to be treated.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like I always say...

I would never want to be a landlord, ever.  People do not take care of your things like they would their own.  There certainly are exceptions and yes you can get really good renters but oh the nightmares of bad ones.  The lady that owns the condo next to me rents it out to what I thought were nice people.  I actually have not had problem with them until the kid gassed me with exhaust fumes.  Cuckoo Sue's response was something like, "If you treat your neighbors like you would want to be treated, it would go a long way."  Now to preface this I did not gas them, seriously I did not, so I should be smiling as I am choking on Carbon Monoxide?  I thought she would address the problem and it is a serious problem if he were to keep doing it, but her remarks are..about everything but the issue.  Now I get an email with all sorts of lies in it that I complained about their barking dog?  Their dog doesn't bark, why would I ?  When they first moved in the dog howled painfully for days but I felt bad for the dog and with a big mouth dog like I have I would Never complain about that.   Then I don't like where the kid parks his car?  He isn't parking in my spot so I don't care, he rattled all the neighbors on the east side of the complex, not me, and the kid got really nasty with them on that side.  I know that I probably ticked off the mother, because I am complaining about her adult child that lives in the basement, and she is defending him and the fact that she likes living where she is, so of course, I am going to be made to look like the problem.  Believe me I can handle that!  But cuckoo Sue as she is referred to in our little village, must be off her meds again....oh did I say that?  Anyone have a long hose to gas my neighbors, I guess that is how you do things in her World.  
So on a great note, last weekend I had the dye class and it was a perfect day for it, today it is snowing fuzzies that are actually two weeks late this year ..thankfully.
One of the students that was overwhelmingly happy brought me a dozen roses yesterday.   What a wonderful unexpected gesture.  It made me feel good to know, I can't be that bad.   Maybe it comes in moments!!  LOL

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things go in Cycles

The World is round, we rotate in a circle, things go round and round.  I have been living in a Condo for 5 years now and have had cycles of problems.  This latest one takes the cake or my breath away.  The kid next door is working on an old car, I think that is great, however when he starts the car up the exhaust fills my condo and shop with exhaust fumes, not good.  I talked to him about it and he seemed to be apologetic, for that day and then again it started yesterday.  He is biligerent and I understand he thinks he owns that garage and should be able to do whatever he wants to do, but when it affects your neighbors, go buy a house.  We are all connected here and that sucks, but you still have to be considerate of your neighbors.  I talked to the owner and her response was "Treat your neighbors as you would want to be treated."  How that has anything to do with this issue is beyond me, but I guess he wants to gas me and I should gas him back?  I wish I could move, I am tired of all of the crap that goes on and we have no control over.  I want to pay rent to someone else that I just need to make a call and it is taken care of.  These places don't sell well but maybe if there is a business in it already someone would want to buy it as is....Doesn't everyone want to own a yarn shop?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Worst Pedicure ever~~

So I stopped to get a much needed pedicure.  I went to a new place on 76th and Rawson, I think the name is CN's nails, I am trying to think of the real name that would use those initials, like Crappy Nails, or Cuticle Nicking!  I get this beautiful and I mean really pretty Asian woman, she has perfect bone structure and a little nose with full lips and smooth skin, her hair is of course long and layered.  I can see why so many men google after Asian woman, that and the fact that in their minds these woman are submissive Geisha girls that will walk on their backs and serve their every need.  Well pretty Asian girl speaks no English but knows how to take a Credit card, with ease.  She points with a grumpy face to the footbath and starts running the water, I put my feet into a Shrimp boil temp...whew I say and retract my feet like it is hot lard...this should have been my first inclination that she is a "mean bitch".  She may be pretty but watch out.  She keeps her head down as she cools the water off and then hits the bath for me to replace my feet.  I put my foot cautiously into the water and then she takes the well loved Asian potato brush and starts scrubbing, she removes the old nail polish and then with lightning speed clips my toenails almost off.  Yeah not all the way off, but almost, and then pulls them when they pick her?  Then she files them....kind of.  She is much better at filing my skin.  I normally can read while I get a pedicure but I am keeping an eye on this one.  So she gets that shovel like clippers for the cuticle and starts pecking at the my cuticle using a stabbing motion, she is cutting and plucking and Holy Crap she nicks me, I retract my foot once again and I see blood, she reaches for a little green bottle...she puts green soap right on it....now I can do an Indian Spirit dance and I am not even moving.  It burns so bad but without even a look she just keeps pecking plucking and pulling at my cuticle.  I am sweating now, I want to go home, but I am not done, my toenails are hanging at 1/2 mast, my toe is bleeding, my soles are burned.  So much for freeking pretty, this is one ornery bitch.   I guess I can't quite believe she is so mean and I here I was going to compliment her cute top, but now I see her little gut roll smushing tight against it.  I start wishing bad things on her, and not because she is so damn pretty but mean.  She starts to color my nails and from where my head is at and that is the other end of my feet I can see she is missing top coat on the edges but I don't care, I hate her now and I am not leaving her a tip.  I am walking out if I can and going home to sanitize my feet.  So I did, and I had to file my toenails to get the rough edges off of them?  No wonder the place was empty when I walked in...and I will never go back there for the Asian torture treatment.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I so need sleep

So yesterday was Father's day and Village Spinners spinning at Fixx. My SIL went with her mom to visit her brother in Minnesota. My brother was up north at their trailer with the dogs relaxing, then my phone rang. I kind of wasn't going to answer it, I figured he was just bored and wanted to chat, but I did answer it and glad I did. He drove or was still driving with a kidney stone attack. I asked where he was and he sounded like he was dying, he said he was trying to get home because he had the dogs in the car. I calmly told him to go to the hospital and I would be there in a few minutes to take the dogs to his house and it would all be fine. I did that and then went back to the hospital where he was in a room on a bed, writhing in pain. When asked to measure his pain it was 12, this coming from someone on two percocets already. It hurt me to watch him suffer so, but I was glad I could be there for him. We got out of there at 9pm where I decided, I would not want to be alone in that kind of pain and his pain had subsided a bit but they told him, if he gets nauseated and feels like he is passing out he should go back in. So I spent my night in a recliner, needless to say I got about an hour of sleep. Iggy was happy he slept with his Uncle. I watched every crappy movie and sitcom there is at that hour. He woke up feeling pretty good, no stone passed. I left took Igster to daycare, dropped off his prescriptions and took a two hour nap. Then I went back to spend some more time with Scott. I left about 3, did some errands came home. He is in the midst of another attack right now but Cheryl is home and at least someone is with him. I am sitting in my living room and I hear a low humming like a boombox car, Mr Fix it next door started his fixer upper up and is gassing me. The house is full of fumes and so is the shop, he had the door open a foot or two. I run out and holler at him that he is killing me and my house is full of gas fumes. He apologizes to me, he didn't realize what was happening. So now I have a migraine the phone rings it's my mom, Scott has a kidney stone, I know mom, I was there,
he said you were, I wish I could do something for him
well unfortunately we can't
what? he has a kidney stone
yes I know
I know, mom (I am now yelling and my neighbors know too)
teeehheeeeee heeeeeeee tteeee heeeee, it must be my phone were you open today
YES, (it's my new canned answer)
I thought you were closed on Monday, How much did that lady send you a bill for
Mom I better hang up now,
Oh I have another call mom, bye...
I am going to bed right now, before my head explodes..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Traveling Knitters

It has occurred to me that I need to put a map in my shop. I want to have visitors pin point where they have traveled from. This week alone I had knitters from Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York! I think it would be fun to watch the pins dot out across America!! I am thrilled to have such a vast group of knitters come and explore our Village. They are always seeking local dyers yarn, or roving so, it is then that I pull out the Happy Hands to share our little treasure of Kim's yarns. I am selling bags and recycled items also. It is so exciting seeing my creations go to the corners of the States! It makes me create more and be more creative! I am now looking for a cool map...map store here I come...tomorrow on Money Monday

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a great day!!

Today was the Village Spinners dying class at the shop. There were 18 dyers and we each did three 4 oz rovings. It was great the weather was perfect, there were no mosquitos, wasps, and it didn't snow white tree fuzzies. We had enough tables so there was only one person that had to share. Everyone brought a dish to pass and it was awesome!!! There was help setting up and help cleaning up!! I think we are all pooped. I know I am...but it was a good day!! We have a great guild ...really!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice weather, good book

It sure has been nice and cool here. I love this weather it keeps my Cranky Pants in the closet I do not do well with heat, it really makes me crabby!! Yesterday I ran to Whole Foods, thought I would grab lunch and the milk chocolate covered graham crackers that are to die for. I was filling my bucket with food, they use these paper mache plant holders for their buffet bar, then they weigh it, and I try to keep it under $10.00 but one time with all the heavy stuff it went to $12. As I was standing there debating on my choices, my DIL walks up. What a surprise, she was home from work with a bad cold and came to get soup. We had lunch together it was such a pleasant surprise and a joy. She is such an independent thinking woman, she is also very supportive of her husband my son. She is very good for him and supports him in all of his ventures. She is not the type of person to say this stuff to make me feel good or to "win" me over. She is too confident for that, and not the type to try to impress me, she is far too smart for that. I love that about her. I know where she stands, she is not sugar coated. On the other hand it can be a little off setting because you just get used to people saying what you want to hear, and she comes along and blows that out of the water. LOL. I knit her a cashmere cowl, and, I could see didn't like it, she couldn't hide that. I was a little miffed, but then appreciated that she wasn't just going to take it and put it away and never use it, and me thinking she liked it and showering her with more of the same. It is a win win for us both. I don't feel obligated, besides she has a grandma from Serbia that knits Aran sweaters with no pattern. She is a wonderful lady and doesn't know what they call knitting, it gets lost in translation. It was a very nice lunch that we had, I hope she feels better!!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a ride

This has been some weather ride we are having. Yesterday was the end of a three day stretch of hot humid weather. The heat makes me crabby, can't help it, I am miserable. I can't breath and breathing is such a basic function, and when you can't take an easy breath, you just get crabby. Today all the windows are open and I would do coffee on the deck but the chairs are wet. I am still enjoying this cool weather. The shop is getting ready for WWKIP day and Square Up the afghan KAL. All of this is on Saturday. Brown Sheep yarn is always so good about, I call in the order I get the yarn 2-3 days later. This time they are so busy, due to an article about them being American made, I called on Monday just to check and she says, we will get it out Tuesday!!!! Ok some pressure there so I think it is coming in Friday....then I have to get it ready for Saturday...or maybe I will get a gift and it will come in today!! No pressure?
I am also out of my life giving Oil!! I use Moroccan Oil to moisturize, it is a miracle for me, it is expensive but remember your skin is the largest organ you have on your body and what you put on it goes into it. This Winter I did not get any dematitis on my legs or arms. I am squeezing the glass bottle trying to get the last drips out of the little brown miracle oil. That is due to arrive today also...please. I can feel the difference, skin is getting a little tight, and itchy. The thing with Moroccan oil, is, it is only harvested in Morocco and a woman's co-op is the only place you can buy it from. It is from an Aragon nut, and harvested and processed to develope jobs for woman in that country. Win win win, where the hell is my oil?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Erly Bird

This morning on my nest check, look what I found? A huge mouth!! It's funny because yesterday Ruby the red breasted Robin for those of you late comers, was a little restless on her nest. We even made a comment about how she was adjusting and readjusting herself, well now I know why. I must have miscalculated on the hatching, I figured about Tuesday, I am glad they are earlier so they will be bigger for the WWKIP day event and we won't be disturbing the hatching process. I wonder how she sits on the rest of the eggs with that big mouth straining for food? I will have to look it up. I named it Erly because he/she is!! Thanks to everyone that voted for my Art Piece, "Changes" at Fiberwood studio Fiber Challenge. I got voted Peoples Choice!!! thanks so much