Friday, October 24, 2008

Guess who I got to see???

I am in love.....there are two boys and two girls and one of the boys is my Iggy!!! I couldn't touch them till they have more of their vaccines but they sure are attentive. There was Houdini that was trying to get out of that cage in worst way!!! There was a little girl that kept shoving her face through the grids. I get first pick of the boys....they are both talks alot???? I have four more weeks to wait.....aaaaccckkkkkk But I wanted you to see them too!!! The photos are pretty bad, it was kind of dark and they were moving constantly till they all dropped in a ball to nap!!!! I am thrilled!!!
More puppy photos

Monday, October 20, 2008

AAAcccckkk we missed one!!!

Today was such a fun day...later in the day that SIL and I went on a hunt for all 15 of the Quilts on Barns in Racine county. It was so much fun...I had a map and had it all tripped out. We headed out and in the morning was rain...we left at 1ish and the rain stopped and it was a bit overcast but then cleared up. It was a perfect day for photos and I have plenty!!! We hit one detour and figured we could catch it later....We traveled 115 miles including a must stop at the Cracker Barrel for a late lunch. It almost put us both into a our pursuit we saw wonderful trees with lots of color and alot of bare trees too. As I was putting this all together...hey, I'm missing one.....we missed the one close to the Lake...#15....I may have to run and get it tomorrow. So to view the photos, check this out!! It took us 5 hours including lunch. I highly recommend it. It would have been fun with a GPS unit!!!
Quilt Barns tour

Friday, October 17, 2008

Things are looking up!!

I was getting dressed this morning and found I had a visitor on my porch. I think he was looking for something to eat. He was swinging on my swing, standing on my grill and scoping out the hummingbird feeder???? So I got a shot at him, he decided to be a poser!!!! He took off and tried to do a Tarzan swing on a bird house, not a feeder, maybe he isn't too smart. I don't encourage them to come and hang out but my porch swing seems to entice them. When I sit on it, I tend to wonder if I am going to get I have been spraying listerine on it with hopes it will keep them off....kind of like pepper spray for bears.....I can tell you neither one of them works well....the squirrel stretched out and sunned himself on the I put it there for him. I remember my old house at the bird feeder the squirrels were robbing it blind so I put capsium or red pepper in the feed, it is supposed to discourage the squirrels but won't harm the birds. The next day there were three of them at the feeder and they had sombreros on like the three Amigos. I know it is hopeless to try to discourage squirrels, so I will just enjoy shooting them with my camera!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Army of Woman

I just wanted to ask everyone to please join in an Army of Woman against Breast Cancer. It is October and that is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What they are asking is questions about what makes woman get cancer?? Who gets cancer. I guess you register and then they will send you a questionnaire to fill out about lifestyle etc. They are trying to see if what we do as woman gives us a better or less than chance of getting breast cancer. I saw the Dr on the View and she said that they are trying to get a million woman to answer the questions to see if there is a corilation to our life style. So being that I know a million woman read this hem......well's free and who knows we may be the missing link???? So give it a shot
Army of Women

Monday, October 13, 2008

Gene sucking

I'm sure you have heard of gene pooling? Well have you heard of gene sucking? Just like any other pregnancy I went full term. I had a wonderful nine months and was never sick or had any bad experiences. My son was born healthy and a great baby, he was content, slept through the night at two weeks and was a pleasure to raise. He has grown into a wonderful man and I found out what he drained from me...what he stole those nine months he was spinning and twirling in embryonic fluid....are you ready?? He stole all my exercise genes...oh yeah....I used to do stuff. I played hard my whole life. I used to run till my side hurt...climb trees, play baseball and football and ride's all gone....he took it all from me. He left me with exercise is a common syndrome, I just found out the name for it. I feel better there a cure??? I could try to follow him one day and see if I could catch up to him??? I could try to get it back but he is using it up fast...he rides his bike 50 miles at a shot....I can hardly drive that far without getting beware your child may be doing the same thing to you..they may look innocent, but they are sucking all of your exercise genes and leaving you a couch potato. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Maggot Orgy??

This is not an ad for Pampered Chef, as a matter of fact they may ban me from parties!!!! Kim highly recommended the Microwave Rice cooker. It doesn't boil over and it's easy and blah blah blah!!!!! So Ms. Gimmick had to have it. I actually was cooking dinner for my SIL and myself Monday and took out my new Rice cooker. The directions for the cooker say...refer to your microwave directions for rice????? Well that would require digging for the book and that is not an option at this point. Next best thing call Kim....she said in HER microwave she cooks it 30 minutes but, she said that some Microwaves have a Rice I look...oh it does...never mind. So I put one cup of rice and two cups of water and some salt and into the nukker it goes. I push compuserve and Rice, it says push 4 for amount so I push 4 and .5 comes up.....well I have a cup of rice not a 1/2 cup???? so I push 4 again and it says .5???? At this rate the stove top would have at least had the water boiling. I put in 30 minutes...Kim uses it so I can too......MMMMMmmmm I can smell rice cooking and my dinner is going well and the ding goes off and I take my cute little rice cooker out of the microwave and with great anticipation, fluffy brown rice with a pad of melted butter on it.....eeerrrrrkkkkkk back up a moment....I have invented rice turf.....the eco friendly survivor rice cake....alias frisbee, stepping stone for the garden, trivet and other than the fact it looks like a maggite has a very organic look!!!! For the recipe just let me know!!!
We had noodles!!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Mike on a bike

I was invited to my Son and his girlfriends home for dinner. He rides his bike to work and had said he will meet me about 5:30pm. I am always early but thought I would stop on the lakefront for a quick walk. I live by Lake Michigan. So I am driving in very busy after work traffic and I am concerned about a biker, with traffic licking at his elbows when they pass dawned on me it could be my son, but I thought it was kind of early. Then all bikers look alike, black spandex, helmets and glasses and a determination to keep moving. As I pass him swerving way around him, sure enough it was Mike. He saw me we stopped and talked and my heart was in my throat knowing that he travels that path every day and let me tell you it was busy....he is only inches from preoccupied drivers and one little swerve can kill him or cripple him for life. Then we have the rash of hit and run drivers of bicyclists here in the area to add to the worry. Well I took his backpack into the car and while I was passing him and the traffic was taking a break, I opened the window and unbelievably got this shot!!!! Sometimes I get kind of mad at bikers when they do this weaving in and out and ride side by side on the side of the road. I too try to ride my bike and worry about cars, so I have a respect for riders.
Then last night I am following a drunk driver....obviously drunk or having a seizure or stroke. The person stopped 1/2 bk. behind the stop light, I beeped and they creeped forward, this was my first clue. Then went from one lane to the other to the center of both lanes. I watched in fear and stayed a safe distance behind. Then she hit the curb and came into oncoming traffic and that is when I dialed 911. This woman was going to kill someone else. We go under a bridge and she is in two lanes and swerving, she is not leaning over to play with the radio, her window is wide open and it is pouring rain. The operator, starts giving me the third degree. I follow her for 3 miles and no police, I am asked if it is a man or woman??? Does it matter if you are going to kill someone?? Is he/she, hispanic, African American? Excuse me, I am calling about a drunk driver, if for one minute you think I am going to go next to their car and look for there Ethnic Evaluation and who cares they are going to kill someone. I gave you their license plate number, the color of thier I don't know what she is wearing or what her hair color is....are you serious, I am in my car, not on her windsheild???? Oh my God she is in the wrong lane.....she is turning into a gas station....hey you know what, she is at Speedway, (that's how I know it's a she) If you don't want her to kill someone, I don't know her address, if she has McDonalds on her carseat or any birthmarks but she is there...I am done, I am going for dinner. I was by the airport which has a sheriffs department there, I followed her to be a witness if she did hit someone, which is a blessing she didn't , I am not in the habit of doing this but it was really scary. I understand the police don't want some revenge caller just harassing another driver....but come on.....what color hair do they have?? Did I mention it was dark and raining????? I was going to kill someone!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Look what's coming!!!!

I've been lonely too long!!!! This is a photo of Iggy's cousins.....which in turn means, this is not my dog but my new puppies cousin. My puppy is only two weeks old, so he is looking like a mouse about now. I am the owner of a baby West Highland Terrier. He is so young and he won't come home till November or when his mom kicks him out. So I am nervous, like bringing home a new baby.....Seems like only yesterday I brought Joey home and the biggest thing I remember is her hanging off of my nightgown with her teeth and me drinking coffee and letting her because I knew where she was. She was so cute and energetic...and I thought am I ready for that again??? I am and I ain't.....but I do know I miss Joey so much and she has left such a void in my life that I need something not to replace her nothing could do that but to keep me company.....and a reason why I talk to it's been weird taking a bath without some four legged animal pushing the door open to make sure I am doing a good job washing all over. So I have not seen the little mouse, but I thought Iggy is a good name or Ozzy, but Iggy pup, seems appropriate for a little white haired puff ball.