Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pride Stamp

No this is not a Post Office stamp for Gay rights, this is a huge dent in front of my shop from my arse!!!! I lost my pride in two seconds flat and I mean flat when I fell ever so gracefully in front of the shop. I am Ok...thank you!!! My pride is a little bruised, by pride I do mean arse. In my quest to stop the dripping in front of the shop door, I bought more heat tape to lay in the gutter. The gutter has a huge berg in it so I attempted to lay it on top of the iceberg. Out with the ladder heat cable in hand, and thoughts of playing when the job is done. The Village is empty, so I progress to do climb the ladder and lay the cable and all is well. The last desend from the ladder and I saw the slush, it beckoned me.."step here my darling and I will throw you like a bull ride." So step there I did and in slow motion, ladder in hand, if I'm going I'm taking something with me...down I went and became the biggest slush sponge you have ever laid your eyes on. I had on a sweatshirt and jeans, what could absorb water more??? My hand hurt from the burn of snow rash I just got. So chuckling inside, I get up and take inventory...yeah I'm alright and look around still giggling at the sight and now I weigh 50 pounds more with water weight and that is not at my ankles. So when you visit the shop the big dip in front of the shop the one where the puddle is growing....it's my Pride stamp!!!!!!

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