Thursday, January 24, 2008

Embarrassing Dawg

I couldn't get a photo of this because it happened too fast!!!! The camera was somewhere else and my phone was hidden under yarn. It goes like this....All the shops in our little village have owners or renters that live upstairs. So when we look out our windows we are all on the same level. So when I am sitting in my living room, I am level with the neighbors across from me and our windows line up to some extent. So my couch is in front of the windows providing a launching ground and perch for Precious/Joey. She moniters the Village Mall area with great intensity. Believe me no one moves in front of our shops that she doesn't know about. So on the down side she also goes balistic when a dog trespasses on her territory and attacks the windows with a vengence.
So I am knitting fervishly and I see her standing on the couch, (normally spread out sleeping) looking across into the other windows. She is intense, not moving and staring. I know they have a fish tank that has a lot of movement but her attention span is like mine and this was pretty deep. She isn't barking just staring, tail raised and watching. I blow it off as a goofy dog watching the fish tank? So I am talking to Lisa, who just happens to live there and I said, "I just need to tell you I have a Peeping Dog!!" I said she was so enthralled with something the other day, and she kept staring into the window!!!" Lisa laughed and said her and her son were waving and making faces and putting on a show, they thought it was funny that she was looking over there!!!!! So my dog got busted for peeping and they were enticing....If you aren't apologizing for kids it's for your animals. I won't even get into the three point butt drag she does only in front of company!!!! Precious....


Janyce said...

She's worked hard to earn her PRECIOUS name!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you! I found you on Ravelry, you should really get more active there! I am going to go to the next knitting group at the new Alterra on Humboldt, whenever it is it will be listed on Ravelry. If you see me on there don't be mad.... with this weather I've had to resort to other sources for my yarn. *ducks&hides*