Monday, January 14, 2008

Of all the things I miss most....

Yep it's my mind. A few weeks back I was hard pressed to find a pattern from a book that I was sure I had. I looked but apparrently I can't see so well anymore. Last night while I was perusing my library, a yellow bound book with the same title as the book I was looking for was sitting neatly on the plain view I might add, not hidden under something. No standing proudly with it's pale yellow jacket and title boldly printed down it's spine, mocking me. I was sure I had it but gave up on it, thinking I maybe thought I had it or meant to order it and didn't , Oh yeah, I could hear the hahahahahaha, and you want to know why? Because I ordered a new one from Amazon, I rushed it because I HAD to, I had to make a spider block. Now, Immediatly and I couldn't find the book I knew I had, I was sure I had. I looked but my eyes must have been half closed....because now I have twins!!! Like George Webb clocks, Twin $30 dollar books!!!! I also am loosing other things, I am going to blame this on menopause. My mind is mush and my hormones are drying up. I am now buying things in duplicate, oh my gawd....I am officially getting OLD!!! Not just number wise mind wise and you know what, I have been doing that stupid Brain Age game to improve my mind, what is that? It's kind of like when I did Ginko Biloba for my mind and forgot where I put the bottle. Be careful if you are laughing because it will happen to you!!! hahahahahahahha


Annie said...

If it helps I bought a book about how to get organized when you have ADD.

Haven't seen that mofo since.

Anonymous said...

hanna and i are doing brain age too! her "brain age" is lower than mine! i think she's cheating!!!

baby blanket's not done yet, 2 weeks before she arrives!

jolene and hanna
ps give joey a kiss for hanna!

Betty Phuket rhymes with bucket said...

I have people helping me with brain age. I have 3 of the same book I bought one with my mother-in-law, she bought me one then Dean bought me one. I wonder where I put them?