Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Leave me alone I'm ripping!!!

I am working on a top down sweater....I have already altered the pattern to have a snugger neck than the off the shoulder view, it had. I don't like the increases they suggest which is something like taking the left side of the grand daughter stitch (third one down), but I did it. Then I decide it is a boring knit and I should add....hhhmmmm a tree, yeah that's it a tree. So I search the internet for a tree...I find an awesome tree, so now I have to translate the chart to start at the top and go down. I start knitting but the tree is designed to knit from the bottom up and it is not working, it takes me 20 rows to figure this out...I am persistant!!! So I cordoned off the 20 stitches, and ran them down to the place I started. I reknit them and found that there were a few yarn overs, which created a few more inches of yarn so I tied them up and just kept on knitting!!! Onward....keep pushing onward!!!! Don't look back and keep on knitting. I am finally to the sleeves on holders and joining the body. So now I have two sweaters on needles, this one is a little more hopeful. I hope!!! What's good about it is it is, mindless knitting!!! Inventory is almost done...ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!

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