Monday, January 07, 2008

It's dark down here!!!

My sympathies to anyone that was affected by the tornados!!! According to the weather, the bad storm was over my house? Not quite so, but I wouldn't know other than my brother talked me through it. Of all the bad crap I pulled on my brother he knows I freak during storms. He called me and I already was in the basement, because the cutie on Channel 12 Mark Baden told me to...yes he said Jan you live in Oak Creek and due to high winds and possible tornados you should seek cover. That was all I had to hear and I had my flashlight in hand and a bottle of water. Oh yeah I bought a weather radio, with a flashlight in it and an alarm and probably a nutrition bar hid on it somewhere. No reception in the basement so that thing is useless, unless of course I am in bed sound asleep and it blares it's Tornado siren off. I am almost afraid to have it on for fear of just that!!! So no TV and the radio which is blaring, some stupid Whitney song, and I am trying to get the latest on what is happening outside my home. So I pull up my icefishing bucket, sit under the stair well and check out the nice metal beam above me, and the phone rings. Are you OK? yeah I'm in the basement. Good because it looks as though it's headed right towards you.....oh crap are you kidding want to come over? Not NOW!!!! Are you sure it's coming this way, they normally go further south? Yeah you should be getting hail and rain and strong winds about now. Hhhhmmmm I don't hear anything but the radio's blaring another song by the Backstreet boys, what the heck station do I have on???? But the radio is over by the only window in the basement and we all know not to go near windows so I sit and stay talking to my lifeline. By now I am bored and playing with some threads hanging on my loom and realize I have chipped toenail polish. My brother keeps talking and then says oh man beware of debris falling from the sky.....what???? are you serious? yes I am debris from where the tornado hit is falling from the sky....but here? Is it that close???? Where are you from Caledonia???? Oh just north of're in Racine right? No dork I'm in Oak Creek, about 3 miles from Racine county line.....long pause......Well sit tight anyway the dopler radar says it's right over your house......I gotta go...Enough of Brother the Weatherman!!!!

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Lynn said...

Brothers..gotta love em since it's illegal to kill them! ;)

I'm realy glad you are fine. I in Tosa and could tell the sky was ugly around 3:30 but it really didn't get up here.