Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Scarves!!!! We had fun...right!!!! We did didn't we...Did we.?

Superbowl Sunday!!!
We had a what seemed like a knitting marathon. We are all icing our wrists tonight!!! They came in with goodies in hand and fiber in the other. We ate and knit and knit and knit some more. We increased with each Penalty Flag and added a bead for each touch down which were minimal. We Decreased at the Extra point and switched scarves at each change of football possession and dropped a stitch with the fumbles. Even from a knitting standpoint it was a boring game!!! Each scarf was so different and we had a diverse group of knitters. From 10 to 10 x 5 year olds!!!! Oh and if you want my recipe for crab dip I will give it to you....I don't think even the Racoons will eat it!!!!

Margie is scared stiff about the Super Bowl scarf!!! she just found out how many increase rows we have to do!!!!

Ladies we have our drinks, now start your needles!!!!

Very rarely do I ever see Lois pooped!!!! After a weekend of knitting, she is ready for bed!!!!!! I think Martha is counting stitches? And Natalie's scarf is strangling her....get if off Natalie, it's a killer.

Here are the final scarves, vibrant and colorful with a nice wave of curves. This looks like a much happier bunch once we started Binding off!!!

Even Joey got in the photo.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, Janny! This was too much fun. I wonder if I'll actually take a day off from knitting to recover :))) It was a special evening, and a joy to have the young girls with us - they were amazing troopers.

You're the best, Jan.


Anonymous said...

hey looks like you all had a great time there with the superbowl scarf thingy...sorry I missed I knit fast enough for anything like that...DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!