Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I am not a romantic, two failed marriages and dating cured me of that!!! I am however in love with the fact that there is a love for other things. Not a material love, but for friends, family and ideas. I love my family, like nothing else I know. I love my friends the same way, but different? I love what I am doing each day, each moment. So then I think, maybe I don't know love? Maybe it is just joy!!! Joy of family, friends, and life. But if I removed any of them I would be devastated. So for me and my pea brain, I am in love with life, family, and friends, who could ask for more?
I went to a Valentines Day Magic Ball Party, I picked the bag that I wanted right off the bat. I'll tell you later why I picked it. I got sucked into this magic ball deally, when our Yahoo group suggested it. I was intrigued by the idea, but not sure what it was. So my friend Lois was sitting here and asked if I was going? I don't know, I don't have a ball made. With confident reassurance she created a monster. I was on a mission to collect all kinds of trinkets and baubles to add to my ball. This is how it goes. You take over a 100 yard skein of yarn, and wrap stuff up in it. The limit was $20.00 so I had a knit bottle warmer in the middle, candy, sheep , pins and on and on and it looked like a space module on the moon, when I was done. I put something just about every 3 wraps. (Attention span of a gnat) So then we put them into bags and picked a bag at the party.
Wendy had the party at her house, her home is warm and inviting and she is an awesome cook and hostess. We had white chili, corn bread and homemade salsa that was divine...! So when I sat down on the couch, right in front of me was a bag with Valentine Hearts all over it. I eyed it and knew it was really the only Valentine I would get so that is what I set me sites on. That is why I picked it, not too sound sappy but I wanted a Valentine present. Boy did I get one. I love ripping open presents, but this one had me whineing with every unwrap.....It was a pink yarn with little beads in it, and a group of pink sucker stuck into it. That was just the start...unwind ...unwind ......more unwinding and finally I hit the motherload...a little tin of mints, stitch marker with hearts on them, A gift certificate, more unwinding, a little mini notebook, a chocolate kiss, there was lots of things wrapped in this ball of yarn, that was so fun. So for my Valentines present I got lots of little trinkets and baubles and time with friends. As it turned out I picked my Shop Fairies bag? I think it's Karma!!!!! Thanks Wendy Happy Valentines day

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Cute story...happy valentines day janny!
from pam