Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pride Stamp

No this is not a Post Office stamp for Gay rights, this is a huge dent in front of my shop from my arse!!!! I lost my pride in two seconds flat and I mean flat when I fell ever so gracefully in front of the shop. I am Ok...thank you!!! My pride is a little bruised, by pride I do mean arse. In my quest to stop the dripping in front of the shop door, I bought more heat tape to lay in the gutter. The gutter has a huge berg in it so I attempted to lay it on top of the iceberg. Out with the ladder heat cable in hand, and thoughts of playing when the job is done. The Village is empty, so I progress to do climb the ladder and lay the cable and all is well. The last desend from the ladder and I saw the slush, it beckoned me.."step here my darling and I will throw you like a bull ride." So step there I did and in slow motion, ladder in hand, if I'm going I'm taking something with me...down I went and became the biggest slush sponge you have ever laid your eyes on. I had on a sweatshirt and jeans, what could absorb water more??? My hand hurt from the burn of snow rash I just got. So chuckling inside, I get up and take inventory...yeah I'm alright and look around still giggling at the sight and now I weigh 50 pounds more with water weight and that is not at my ankles. So when you visit the shop the big dip in front of the shop the one where the puddle is growing....it's my Pride stamp!!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Embarrassing Dawg

I couldn't get a photo of this because it happened too fast!!!! The camera was somewhere else and my phone was hidden under yarn. It goes like this....All the shops in our little village have owners or renters that live upstairs. So when we look out our windows we are all on the same level. So when I am sitting in my living room, I am level with the neighbors across from me and our windows line up to some extent. So my couch is in front of the windows providing a launching ground and perch for Precious/Joey. She moniters the Village Mall area with great intensity. Believe me no one moves in front of our shops that she doesn't know about. So on the down side she also goes balistic when a dog trespasses on her territory and attacks the windows with a vengence.
So I am knitting fervishly and I see her standing on the couch, (normally spread out sleeping) looking across into the other windows. She is intense, not moving and staring. I know they have a fish tank that has a lot of movement but her attention span is like mine and this was pretty deep. She isn't barking just staring, tail raised and watching. I blow it off as a goofy dog watching the fish tank? So I am talking to Lisa, who just happens to live there and I said, "I just need to tell you I have a Peeping Dog!!" I said she was so enthralled with something the other day, and she kept staring into the window!!!" Lisa laughed and said her and her son were waving and making faces and putting on a show, they thought it was funny that she was looking over there!!!!! So my dog got busted for peeping and they were enticing....If you aren't apologizing for kids it's for your animals. I won't even get into the three point butt drag she does only in front of company!!!! Precious....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Of all the things I miss most....

Yep it's my mind. A few weeks back I was hard pressed to find a pattern from a book that I was sure I had. I looked but apparrently I can't see so well anymore. Last night while I was perusing my library, a yellow bound book with the same title as the book I was looking for was sitting neatly on the shelf....in plain view I might add, not hidden under something. No standing proudly with it's pale yellow jacket and title boldly printed down it's spine, mocking me. I was sure I had it but gave up on it, thinking I maybe thought I had it or meant to order it and didn't , Oh yeah, I could hear the hahahahahaha, and you want to know why? Because I ordered a new one from Amazon, I rushed it because I HAD to, I had to make a spider block. Now, Immediatly and I couldn't find the book I knew I had, I was sure I had. I looked but my eyes must have been half closed....because now I have twins!!! Like George Webb clocks, Twin $30 dollar books!!!! I also am loosing other things, I am going to blame this on menopause. My mind is mush and my hormones are drying up. I am now buying things in duplicate, oh my gawd....I am officially getting OLD!!! Not just number wise mind wise and you know what, I have been doing that stupid Brain Age game to improve my mind, what is that? It's kind of like when I did Ginko Biloba for my mind and forgot where I put the bottle. Be careful if you are laughing because it will happen to you!!! hahahahahahahha

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Leave me alone I'm ripping!!!

I am working on a top down sweater....I have already altered the pattern to have a snugger neck than the off the shoulder view, it had. I don't like the increases they suggest which is something like taking the left side of the grand daughter stitch (third one down), but I did it. Then I decide it is a boring knit and I should add....hhhmmmm a tree, yeah that's it a tree. So I search the internet for a tree...I find an awesome tree, so now I have to translate the chart to start at the top and go down. I start knitting but the tree is designed to knit from the bottom up and it is not working, it takes me 20 rows to figure this out...I am persistant!!! So I cordoned off the 20 stitches, and ran them down to the place I started. I reknit them and found that there were a few yarn overs, which created a few more inches of yarn so I tied them up and just kept on knitting!!! Onward....keep pushing onward!!!! Don't look back and keep on knitting. I am finally to the sleeves on holders and joining the body. So now I have two sweaters on needles, this one is a little more hopeful. I hope!!! What's good about it is it is, mindless knitting!!! Inventory is almost done...ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

It's dark down here!!!

My sympathies to anyone that was affected by the tornados!!! According to the weather, the bad storm was over my house? Not quite so, but I wouldn't know other than my brother talked me through it. Of all the bad crap I pulled on my brother he knows I freak during storms. He called me and I already was in the basement, because the cutie on Channel 12 Mark Baden told me to...yes he said Jan you live in Oak Creek and due to high winds and possible tornados you should seek cover. That was all I had to hear and I had my flashlight in hand and a bottle of water. Oh yeah I bought a weather radio, with a flashlight in it and an alarm and probably a nutrition bar hid on it somewhere. No reception in the basement so that thing is useless, unless of course I am in bed sound asleep and it blares it's Tornado siren off. I am almost afraid to have it on for fear of just that!!! So no TV and the radio which is blaring, some stupid Whitney song, and I am trying to get the latest on what is happening outside my home. So I pull up my icefishing bucket, sit under the stair well and check out the nice metal beam above me, and the phone rings. Are you OK? yeah I'm in the basement. Good because it looks as though it's headed right towards you.....oh crap are you kidding me....no .....you want to come over? Not NOW!!!! Are you sure it's coming this way, they normally go further south? Yeah you should be getting hail and rain and strong winds about now. Hhhhmmmm I don't hear anything but the radio's blaring another song by the Backstreet boys, what the heck station do I have on???? But the radio is over by the only window in the basement and we all know not to go near windows so I sit and stay talking to my lifeline. By now I am bored and playing with some threads hanging on my loom and realize I have chipped toenail polish. My brother keeps talking and then says oh man beware of debris falling from the sky.....what???? are you serious? yes I am debris from where the tornado hit is falling from the sky....but here? Is it that close???? Where are you from Caledonia???? Oh just north of it.....you're in Racine right? No dork I'm in Oak Creek, about 3 miles from Racine county line.....long pause......Well sit tight anyway the dopler radar says it's right over your house......I gotta go...Enough of Brother the Weatherman!!!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beautiful Season

the beautiful photo won't upload???
This is the Beautiful Season and I dare anyone to deny it. When you look outside, the trees are heavily laden with snow and the sun makes it looks like it's dressed in diamonds. I know it's colder than cold but it is definetly beautiful. I have been busy, not ringing in the New Year but End of year crap. I have inventory to finish and then I can restock the shelves. I have a brown box sale and for the first day I did pretty good. Tonight is the first Spinning Guild meeting, something we here in Milwaukee really need. Ok all that stuff is boring, how about an update on my Sleep Apnea? If you need an update, I'm sure you do....the mask guy came out and fitted me with a new mask, the old one left a crease in my face that stayed till noon. I think it was a gutter for drool??? So now I have a nose muzzle, (my interpretation) it just covers my nose and I have slept very well with minimal creasing on my face!!!! Yeah!!!!! I thought I would drop my jaw and commence to snore but it's weird when you open your mouth you can't breath???? Besides the man left a chin strap....yes a chin strap to keep my jaw from opening....so far I don't need it. I remember the process of getting my baby ready for bed....now I have a whole procedure before bed...take my pill, pee, put on muzzle, put glasses somewhere that I can forget to find them pee again (just in case) and so on. The last thing I do before laying down is sit on the edge of the bed and look into the window, which very unfortunately shows my reflections.....this seals the deal, my sex life is and will be extinct!!!!!