Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm on a misson

I am working on a collage of knitting/crocheting hands. Hands that are working with yarns. I realize after teaching knitting, just how fascinating it is that we all knit differently. We all are comfortable with how we do it, and stick with it. Why not it works for us, and if the stitch is right, you're good. I want to take photos of different hands at work, moving yarn to make stitches, young hands, old hands, everyones hands. So if you stop into the shop, be prepared for a photo shoot. Bring your project and I will photograph you playing. No need to worry about your hair, or your wrinkles, or that zit you developed's just your hands. Ok enough about that...have you any idea how much we live for our pets? Since my loss I catch myself still doing things that my Tinker trained me to do. Like never leave a rolling object on a flat chapstick on a counter, my dog has eatten more chapstick due to the dynamic duo of Tinker rolling it onto the floor and Joey tasting it. When I open a cupboard I do a double check to see if I left a cat inside. I can take the lid off of my coffee cup and water so Tinker doesn't drink out of it. I guess I never realized, just how lucky we are that are pets let us live in their homes.


annie said...

Licorice's first owners used to give her canned food, so to this day I am all stealthlike when I get the can opener out of the drawer because she would come running from anywhere in the house if she heard me get it out and open a can. I don't know how many cans of corn or tomatoes I had to hold down to her face so she could take a whiff and trust that I wasn't hogging all the tuna or fancy feast for myself. Otherwise she would just stand there and yeowl at me. We used to joke that her meow sounded like Selma from that Night Court tv show, it was such a cranky, scratchy meow.

Betty Wetty said...

My buddy Leonard loved watermelon and cantaloupe so I would make sure he wasn't in the refrigerator when I closed it.

Weaver said...

You gonna take pics on Thursday? I'll be there with my project then!