Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome Home

It is a buyers market alright. If you want to feel like you live in a dump, try to sell your home. You know the place where you have lived comfortably for many years. Where you have never tripped over the uneven trip hazards of front steps? Where you possibly put asbestos in your attic insulation, to aide in poor health. If you really want to feel like a dirt ball...have a realitor, do a home inspection for the buyer!!! It's a wonder they don't condemn my I guess I'll just give the place away!!! I think it is sold, we'll find out, by Feb 22, when the darn papers are signed. So all of you that have ever visited me, if you have chewed on any windowsills or layed in my attic or tripped up the steps...need I go on. Call your physician for possible damage control. Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts on loosing Tinker, it really means a lot to me!!


annie said...

Oh great, I was up in the attic chewing on windowsills. My attic is probably insulated with atomic waste products and I don't know it.
I cannot believe they don't have more R-E-S-P-E-C-T for your home! :P

Weaver said...

Know anything about San Francisco? Matt just called and that's where the offer is for. YIKES!

Betty Wetty said...

Realitors are a strange lot. You can't get rid of them until you have an offer, then when you actually have a question for them they disappear into thin air. What do you think the room in hell looks like for realitors? A place where the plumbing leaks, the toilet won't flush, the kitchen floor has three inches of something that no one in their right mind would ever think of analyzing, or a pristine palace where none of the doors open, the drawers are stuck and the windows won't open and the AC doesn't work?