Friday, January 12, 2007

OK Ok so I am blogging too slowly!!!

Hey, this business stuff is ticking me off...I am limited to playtime....I have orders to do....yarn to touch....fiber to spin....labels to make...You think this is easy? I bought a little to do book....(I lost in the move, my idea book?) This is a very helpful organizational's a tool alright, now I have to fill in the stuff!!! Wednesday was Daytime knitters and it was a nice group...sorry no photos..catch you next time.

Last night we had the rowdy bunch...well a few were or are...not me of course but "others" you know who you are....and I love it!!! I hope we didn't scare a few of the quieter ones away!!! I mean come on how much fun can one person have? Yarn, Fiber, food, Knitting,, cookies, more, laughing and the infamous story telling.

Check out this hand dyed with Koolaide lace shawl ....Ok her name is....I am going to slaughter this....with a Caryn??? I'm sure that I am wrong? I'm sure someone will tell me.
Thanks to all that came and spent the evening doing what we love to do most!!


Anonymous said...

It looks like I missed a good time:(


Weaver said...

I was only teasing you about not blogging enough! The pics are fun. I had a great time!

The kids LOVE your store, they are already begging to come back! Of course, the best part might have been Joey :)

Eileen said...

That was my friend Karin who dyed and knit that lovely shaw.