Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

WWWooooohooooooo!!! Yippy I AAAAA!!!! I accepted an offer on my house!!! Now will it go through? She is pre approved and no I don't want to hear any horror stories!!! Closing is Feb. 20th unless of course she wants to up that date she can have it by next week!!! hahahaha I am so happy but apprehensive...too much joy too soon...too bad say Confusus or however you spell his name!! So now that I have had 10 cups of high octane "Joe". I am doing whirling dervish move around the store!! I may even work in the basement? How's that for incentive??? Hey look what I did!! It's the new me!! I had a manicure...oh yeah baby...this girl is stylin` . It beats the broke off, split, peeling nails I have been nursing. Now I feel like Cat lady or Spiderlady with tap shoes on!!! Oh my gawd I'm getting a visual!! I am off now I have cleaning to do!!


Betty Wetty said...

Now you can really relax and have some fun in your new store. Just think new and improved patterns, spilled dye, and way too much coffee. Nothing like starting a new hobby; high blood pressure.

I should talk, I bought a Senseo pod coffee maker today. Zippidy do da.....

The grape jelly I bought from you is spinning up fantastic. I wish my elbow would stop hurting so when I knit I don't have to take 3 days off. I will never get that saw tooth edging on that sweater I started last spring. On the up side with all the coffee I plan on drinking maybe I'll lose some weight. Hey stop laughing I mean it.

Weaver said...

Fabulous store!!!!!

can't wait to come back again!

Lois said...

Yea!!!! I'm doing the happy dance with you!!!!! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!
Woa, I'm dizzy now, I think I better sit down.