Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hobo Stewart

I promised you the moving story, not that it's a "Moving" story, it's a funny story!!! Sunday that we were moving, the day Cheryl serenaded my brother with the guitar, and they found a cheesecake photo of me, which has not surfaced, I'm a little worried about where it is? OK, that Sunday!!! I was cleaning the crap out of the garage and came across a box car train, with wheels on that my dad made Mikey when he was about 2 yrs. old. It has sliding doors on it, that had a finger hole to open and close and Mikey could store his play train car pieces in it. It has castors on it so you could sit on it and ride around, the kitchen under mom's feet. So I was saving this train car that Mikeys grandpa made and painted and did some fun Woody Woodpecker drawing on it, until moving day. I pulled it off the top shelf right under the rafters and we all kind of gathered around it...remembering how Bandit, the ferret we had, used to climb inside and when we would shut the sliding door he would open it....and look out. While we were having an "ahhh" moment, I had taped the doors shut and was trying to open it, as I was saying "Watch there be a ....we all started screaming, inside was Hobo Stewart the mouse looking up at us. Not that I'm afraid of mice, but not two inches from my face. Inside Hobo the boxcar mouse had a nice little nest of insulation and Blue Fox fur, bird seed and train parts. So after I compose myself, I turn the car so that all the crap falls out and hopefully Hobo too!!! Out he runs, right up the ramp to the enclosed trailor, we all hollar and he jumps off the ramp and is now probably riding in a nice warm truck owned by my brother. Hobo Stewart was holed up in the boxcar with a GI Joe missle launcher and toy guns....so now is he terrorist Stewart? I actually felt kind of bad uprooting the poor little mouse, into the cold, snow, but better out there than in my basement...now I keep wondering if he had any family.

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JANYCE said...

Fox fur nest?? You can bet Selma and the kids are left behind!!!!!