Friday, February 09, 2007

How I work?

Sometimes I myself wonder do I do things? How do I process projects? So today after cleaning up the left overs from last nights, Meetup, I decided to work on a project. I knew I had sheep fabric, from a few years ago and wanted to make curtains to hide my mess under a counter. So yesterday I found the fabric and today I cut it out and sewed it and ironed it. I need curtain rods now and they will be hung. As I was working on this project, and as I try to take you into my world. I need to remind you that I have the attention span of a flea. I cleaned the store, pretty much uninterrupted. I figured out how long I wanted these curtains...still focused....I lay them out and cut them...still focused...but as I stand up from the floor and cutting these curtains, I notice brownies on the table...hhhhmmmm..Ok just one. Back to business, I get out the ironing board and iron, fill the iron with water, pick up the schnibbles of fabric on the newly vacuumed carpet. Oh I need some music, so now I decide to mark the stereo with marker so I don't have to search for my favorite radio station which is out of Chicago, the DRIVE. Hey this marker is pretty cool, it marks in silver, so I proceed to draw a little on some papers...oh back to the project. I open the sewing machine and it has the color thread on it I need, good going. I serge all of the edges, well I start serging and hhmmmm I thought a movie was delivered from Netflix? Where is it? Oh look more chocolate, ahhhh I need to renew my passport, hey I can also sew a liner for this purse I just finished....I think I will knit some fiber up, maybe I should go to the bathroom, I think I need some coffee, I, I , I, Oh yeah, I need to iron the hems on these curtains. So in my peabrain head I do one set of hems at a time so as not to get too bored, with just sewing and or just ironing. Meanwhile I have made shopping list of things to get to hang these curtains.....I 'm tired writing this stuff. Had a good time last night, lots of food!!! Lots of fun and some new faces!!! Have a good weekend!


Weaver said...

you did good! I, sometimes, get lost when I go search for the fabric :)

Betty Wetty said...

Hey, stop reading my mind!