Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Whew, finally

I think things are finally getting settled, I have a closing date and time..good news. The buyer does a final walk through on the 19th of this month. So I am still not positive it is sold but it is getting closer. So I have been closed for a few days. We emptied the house on Monday, which was sooooo stressful. I guess I found, or my family and friends found more crap than I thought I had!!! It is amazing the things you find. Now the store is full of crap!! First off was an old Valentine gift photo of me posing cheesecake style in a football jersey...now before you get a present visual, I was much thinner, and that makes a whole lot of difference!! This was one of those makeover sexy photos for your "Man"...hahahahaa I still have the photo, bye bye a**h***!!! Then there is the traveling guitar, my family is not musically inclined, my mom is .....ends there. We are however creative and talented in many other ways but to my dismay, the only music I can play is my IPod. I had visions of sitting down to play the piano and I played Mozart and Chopin, with ease. I couldn't understand how everything else comes to me so easy what is the deal with music...how come I can't play? So Cheryl, Scott and I, share a guitar, with a broken string. It has been back and forth a few times with no hope of either one of us learning to play it. Cheryl had visions of sitting on thier front porch with a halter top that tied in the front and Daisy Duke shorts, strumming a song for the neighborhood. Scott, probably accoustic rock...Eric Clapton, in a studio, with tight jeans....me...folk music around the fire pit, singing Kumbya? So Cheryl found the guitar and it was in one of those piles of what to do with it? Cheryl scoped it out and put on a dusty cowboy hat, and proceeded out the front door to serenade her "Man"!!! That made for a photo shot!!! She made a rather tense day into a hysterical situation. I have more stories I just need to bring my camera. This afternoon I start my Prep, for the Colonoscopy!! whoooohooooo!!
I will be sticking close to home!!! Tomorrow for Valentines day, I get the tube!!! Happy Valentines!!!

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Anonymous said...

Janny I hope you didn't forget the vasaline. The best tip I ever gave my brother when he had his. Don't expect to sleep much unless you can sleep sitting up with out falling over. I can hear it now klunk splat. Never good.

It's also a great time to catch up on your reading. War and Peace comes to mind.

I swear any one that can come up with a better prep, because anyone who has had a colonoscopy knows, it's the prep not the scope. For god's sake your sleeping when there doing it and they usually use something good to put you under.

Well, from one perfect a-hole to another perfect a-hole Good luck!