Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Boss at the Store!!

Corrie Dale, yup!!! I was given a build a Sheep!! Now not having small children, I am not aware of all of these toy thingies. One of my beginning knitting class students has a son, that is quite active in Karate and is quite good as I understand it. They were at the "Mall" and decided to build a Bear, or Dog, I guess they may have a few more different building items? He saw the sheep and told her she should make it for ME!!! MOI!! and she did. So I think you are all aware that my cat had to be put to sleep a few weeks ago and I am adjusting fine. I am allergic to cats in the first place but the allergist suggested I just not get another one......!! So I am abiding by his rules in order to get my health on track and not live on a respirator. So into the store comes Patty, with a box (kind of a big box) and it has breathing holes in it, and a huge grin on her face. Me not wanting to disappoint her, swallows rather hard and keeps smiling, as flashes are going through my head...
Patty doesn't seem like the type that would get me a kitten?
Kittens are so darn irresistable, but I must say no!!
Don't look at it and you won't have to keep it!
Keep in mind Joey will kill it..yeah that's the plan, it's Joeys fault and you can't endanger a sweet little kitten, for fear that Joey will make it lunch!!!
As I tentativly open the box it has white fur but would have to be a rather large kitten and a mute? Can I tell you how excited I was, when I saw Corrie!!! I almost cried....need I say more!!! Fiber people are the greatest!!! Corrie is sitting at the check out, making sure I don't throw the cash register through the window!! That's another story!! Thank ewe Patty and son!!!

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