Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catch a blur!!!

Whew.....trying to get a photo of the white blizzard, is like trying to catch the wind. The puppy is non stop!!!!! From one toy to the next, mouth open and all teeth. I am going into the Guiness World book as the World's largest, chew toy!!!! I did get my Spinning guild gift made....wahoo!!!!! I am figuring out how to handle or should I say juggle my life now. I keep thinking in a year this will be behind me and years pass so quickly. So I am trying to enjoy this little terror, and get my kisses when I can minus the pucture wounds in my chin!!!! The Christmas stockings are coming in and that is exciting, not too mention beautiful. This is going to be a short week, so today I am putting up the decorations and getting ready for Christmas......!!!! My SIL and I were talking about how it seems like just yesterday thing happened for her. My prospective is different, sometimes it seems like ages when I did something, I am thinking maybe it is because I have packed so much life into such little time. High school was something I just "had" to do, and did it. Art classes got me through that!!! I went to one year of college, and hated school, no surprise. I got married, had a son, got divorced, started an apprenticeship got a good job, got married, got divorced, started doing what I love in Art shows, retired and started my own business. Wow, I need a nap now.....So I am going to be Thankful for all of my life experiences, it is what has formed me as a person and my life. I am also thankful for all of my friends and customers, that have helped me to live my dream. I want you to know just how much each and everyone of you means to me. Thank you!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh yes he is cute, but anyone know a Vet that removes teeth...flailing mouth and teeth. He is doing so well or maybe it is just me....I get up and potty and so does he, on the peepee pad in the bathroom....like mommy like baby.....!!! He comes when I call him, that is unless he has a ball of yarn in his mouth, and is running top speed across the room. I figure by Christmas, I will have a huge sale box of Iggy yarn. Slightly reduced because the label was removed and impaled with teeth and a little drool. Actually I am teathering him to me....to stop this type of naughtyness. Not that it stops him but for a minute...he has his eye on the yarn at any chance I may go too close. This is not a flattering photo of him but it is what I see!!! TEETH!! He started puppy kindergarden and is doing good for his age, which today is his 9 week birthday. When I hold him I try to remember he won't be like this long....I hope!!! LOL

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day three....

Things are better, we are on a schedule of sorts. Iggy is Ok with his crate and likes to ride. He is still all teeth and mouth but he is doing well and I am sleeping too!!!! Last night it was from 10 to 4 am...good puppy!!!! So am I doing anything else...no, cooking??? If the dog doesn't kill my my cooking might!!!! LOL

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What the hell is wrong with me?????

Oh, he is cute and he kissed me right off....he stole my heart and rode home like a champ. He showed off like a fine prince and then less than 5 hours later has turned into Hell boy!!!!!!! Cute as hell but all teeth, nails and mouth. My life as I had known it is changed forever. I have changed his name 20 times from Columbus to Beastie to Jaws, to Hoover and on and on and he has been in my possesion appx. 20 hours. He misses nothing and thinks I am his new chew toy!!! He has had his first bath, and still smells a little puppyish. He has sardine breath, but oh those kisses....when I can steal one. He runs with his mouth open hoping to get something in it while on his journey. On the way home, I let him pee at a gas station...I know, but it was a long ride. He peed immediatly on the grass, my first reaction was....oh my he went right away....this won't be an issue. He has not peed on the paper or even close to it for that matter since. Cute does not define that look he gives me. He is loud when you put him in his cage, it is cross between a loud parrot and a baby crying. He has a temper that is very prominent and I think I am going to have my hands full with training. So what I am basically saying is, please if it seems like I just gave birth and am sleep deprived and if my hair is standing on end even more than usual....let it go....I have told people I remember when Joey was a puppy that, the first year, I would get up and get my cup of coffee and she would hang off the bottom of my nightgown by her teeth...I didn't care, I knew where she was......deja vous??????? What was I thinking???? I can only hope that in a few months I will read this with laughter and fondness....of the puppy hell. But darn he is cute!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bringing home baby

Happy Dance, Happy Dance....I am doing the Happy Dance....feet are tapping arms are flapping...Jannies doing the happy dance...Saturday I pick up the baby....Iggy pup...!!!! Cheryl is going to drive so I can hold him all the way home!!!!! I can get puppy kisses and rub his little puppy belly. Auntie Kim is watching the shop!!! I can't sleep.....I have toys to chew for Iggy oh and then I am worried he won't fit Iggy? Maybe he'll be a Winston, or a Lawrence...nah, if he is my dog he is a nutjob and no nutjob will be named "Winston" he will be an Iggy....I hope. LOL...I brought out all of the stashed toys and trinkets I have bought for him, I am checking for NO CHINA toys. I went over them closely inspecting them, checking them to see if everything is OK....oh forget it I just wanted to play with them. I have food bought, but he is coming home with food to make the transition slowly!!! He has a Vet appt. Monday morning and I have a chiro appt. so he will be a traveling puppy... he must learn to ride. Oh, I am exhausted....just thinking about my coming duties....three more sleeps to get Iggy!!!! So there will be new life in the shop, come Sunday!!!! The picture is not Iggy, it is just a Westie!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Morning America

History is made, actually I think it is made every day, but this one is a biggie.
I am knitting on a purse with paintbox yarn, it is mitered squares and is coming along quite nice. I am actually making progress and sticking to it....see it's little pieces at a time...baby steps. I get to pick up Iggy sometime around the 15th of this month. So it is time to puppy proof, my main concern is cords. I am not one to change the way I live for anyone. I believe you need to learn the word..."No" but cords are like chocolate, so I will be lifting them off of teeth range. I have a gate to put at the top of the steps, which means I will be getting my leg lifting exercises. I can't wait to kiss his little puppy belly. I asked about his tinge of yellow, brownish fur and she reassured me it is puppy ink??? Orange ink or something like that, which means the embroyo sac juice stains their fur. It gets whiter after some grooming and baths.....
I remember when we picked up Scott and Cheryls puppies, they stunk bad....like rotten socks, they were so cute but the whole car stunk!!!! These puppies have been cared for a lot better, and they still smell a little socky!!!! Puppy schmell!!!!
Scott calls the puppy Iggy poop already...tell me he is lying.....please