Sunday, July 22, 2007

14 days left....

Only 14 days left till Knit fest!!! Are you thinking of a challenge? Is it something you will attempt to do, that you possibly have not done before? Is it something everyone else can do and you feel foolish considering it a challenge? Stop!!! Don't question what you want to do!!! This is personal, if you haven't purled, do purling, it is your challenge. If it is just trying to keep your edges straight, that's fine. So this is for beginners and advanced knitters.
I have too short of an attention span to knit lace. I am having trouble following the pattern as it plods through more and more stitches. I am bored with the process, but love the outcome. I love how it looks and that is what is keeping me on track. I may never knit lace again but, I am knitting lace.

I am doing the Mystery Shawl from an internet challenge. Each Friday for five weeks we get a clue, it's kind of exciting. Needless to say I am still on week two and clue four has come out this last week??? I did say slow....but sure.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I don't want to knit lace!!!!

I am having a love hate relationship with this mystery shawl....this morning, and, I like to work on it in the morning, fresh and this morning I redid the same row 3 times trying to figure out where I had a mistake. All of a sudden it was gone? Mystery shawl it is???? I am not an obsessor over counting stitches. I am seeing the pattern finally, or at least the pattern I am making??? Angela is doing the shawl too and hers looks nothing like mine. I think it's because she knits tighter, but I will not go down another needle size, won't, can't, don't want to, I am on size 2 now. I prefer to use chunky yarn and size 10 needles so this is my challenge. I like instant gratification....who doesn't? I know I am ahead of myself for the August Knit fest but I think this is what challenges me most and so what if I am ahead of the game, I certainly won't be ahead for long. If ever. I am also working on two different socks, the first picture didn't show up very well but the second one did, it is crook and heart. By the time I finish it will need two by pass surgeries....

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm dancing as fast as I can!!!

Honest, I have been trying to get all of my paperwork and blogging and printing of tickets and yarn club cards and on and on....but you don't want to hear my excuses, you want to hear about
Knit fest!!!!
We had so much fun at the Knitting Olympics that we thought it would be fun to do a Fest for Knitting. I live in Milwaukee and it is known as the Festival city, we have Irishfest, German fest, Polish fest, Indian summer and Festa Italiana, so why may I ask not Knit fest??? So for every Sunday in August, this is the plan.
Start planning a project that pushes you to the skill limit you personally think is a challenge, this could mean to some (Julie) just purling. It is a personal challenge.
First Sunday in August we will be casting on
Second Sunday we will be checking progress a good old fashion "Progress Report"
Third Sunday is a countdown
Fourth Sunday is the Fashion show or Show and tell
All of these "get togethers" we will of course have food, with the big bash at the end!!! So start planning and get your free tickets to Knit the way, I will be offering 10% off of your project supplies.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Uninvited Guest

Even though a lot of you are waiting for the Cruise update...I am obliged to bring you this rare sighting. Sitting and knitting hats for Charity on Sunday, there was a loud chirping bird. Kim was in the process of saying "Man that bird is really loud?" when it wasn't only loud it was in the store. Hanging off of the flower vine on the wood beam near the ceiling. Faced with the idea of trying to keep Joey "my dog" which is behind a gate from going balistic, and getting the bird out of the store without pooping from fright...I grabbed the flyswatter and started towards it. I felt kind of bad, maybe she was shopping for nest lining? All the wonderful colors, who could resist....was it Alpaca she was craving? Then reality set in and she was probably following the trail of crumbs from the door. For whatever reason she felt she had to visit, she left just as quickly, there was no shooing, no swatting, she just came to visit. Best of all no pooping!!!! Side note here..I thought way back into my "wives tale" history, that I remember something about a bird entering the house, so I looked it up, so this is pretty much how all of those old sayings has two meanings, one good, one bad. Before anyone emails me with the grim news I will put it in writing. It means a death in the house? How nice is that? I vote for offence dawg but if one of us has to go...see ya!!!! Second which of course I prefer to choose is, it is dead relative visiting. My luck it would be my mean grama, trying to peck my head. I'd be thinking it was just a mom looking for some soft pretty lining for her home. Happy Fourth of July!!!