Sunday, December 09, 2007

Game On!!! Superbowl 2008

I know it seems kind of early but you may need to get your reservations in for this one!!!! During the Football game Sunday and cheering on the Packers it made me think....Superbowl is coming up, we need to do some sort of knitting thingy for the game? Hopefully it will be the Packers playing but regardless....set the date for February 3, 4:00pm. We are knitting Superbowl game scarves!!!! With a twist that is!!!! Everyone will cast on 250 stitches and knit 6 rows in worsted weight wool, and bring two skeins of yarn with them oh and a snack of course.
We will be doing a friendship sort of scarf and it will go along as the game goes along...stay with me here. I will be the ref, barking out the that isn't much of a stretch?
We will all start with our own scarf. The game will dictate what we will be doing.
When the ball changes team in the game we pass the scarf we are working on to the next person, who will begin knitting with their yarn.
Touch Down-We add a bead,( I will have them here)
Fumble- Oh yeah we drop a stitch
Interception-You can take whatever scarf you want from whoever you want to start knitting
Extra Point-You increase until the next play
Flag on the play (If the ball gets brought back to line of scrimmage-we decrease till next play.

So we will have no idea what this is going to look like, there is more but you get the idea!!! How fun is this going to be? So start knitting your 250 stitches and 6 your stretches and let the games begin.

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Weaver said...

so we need to come in with our 250 stitches and 6 rows already done, right? (just making sure I understand, the baby is making me a little dim witted) Not that I know if I can be there or not but it sure sounds like fun!