Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let it snow...let it snow ....let it snow!!!

And snowing it is....Winter has not even started and we have got more than 18" above our normal snow fall for December....just thought you would like to know that....!!! I went to the Movies tonight and saw Beowulf.....I wasn't prepared for it to be cartoony? Not a big fan of cartoons unless they are by Pixel. It was different, and it was supposed to be in 3D and we didn't get glasses? Not sure what that was about....let me just say dinner was good!!!! I am still getting an influx of knitters scurrying to get all that last minute gift making finished. I love seeing what people are making. This coming week is party week, two parties to attend permitting. I am working on some entrelac neck warmers....what started out as a gift ended up on my head.... why is it I go shopping for someone else and everything is tempting me to buy it.
We had a full house here on Open Knitting Thursday, I didn't expect that with Christmas closing in....we had our usual pizza and Christmas cookies and fudge, that was no good...(translation...very good leave it for Jan to eat) Any suggestions for classes in February? Or March? Let me know, I am working on the class schedule with beginning knitting the four Tuesdays in February filling up in a hurry.
Update on the sleep mask thing....we will call it Charlie the Cpap, because if I am going to sleep with something every night I am naming it!!!! I am really used to the machine, it was a bit of trial at first but the hardest thing was being tethered to a tube and I wanted to turn and it was pulling me back... But the best one was me spitting into the mask....oh yeah...spitting!!! Now close as I can figure out, is, the unit has a humidifier and I had it turned up high,,more is better you know...water must have been pooling in the mask and spraying me in the face so I in my sleepful wisdom started spitting, I am not a usual spitter, that I know of? Maybe I always spit in my sleep? Maybe I never noticed spittle everywhere? But I woke up torking a spit into the mask and the mask being under pressure kindly blew it back into my face which woke me up enough to know it. So now I had to get up and wash everything???? Am I supposed to be sleeping better? Now I have a permanent wrinkle down the right side of my face along my my age I am wrinkling enough, now I have incorporated a gutter system for all the humidity on my face. It takes up to four hours to go away. I mad the mask looser, but the problem is I sleep on my side and press the pillow into the mask which crinkles my chubby cheek, into the pooling system.... Is it just me???? I am trying to sleep on my back more, I know this can create something else like wrinkles in front of my ears?????

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