Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let's talk ettiquette!!

Yarn shop ettiquette, hhhhmmmmmm I guess sometimes, it feels like I am a mother or school marm. I guess sometimes I feel like I am too nice and let "too" much go by. Then again because I goof around alot, some take that as being stupid or dumb. I am neither stupid or dumb. I try to be nice, but cross me and I can become something I don't like myself. Treat me with *disrespect and you have lost a friend I haven't. I recently had the straw that broke the "knitters" back. I have mulled around the way to handle uncomfortable situations and rather than let it eat at me, I am going to blog it!!! Let's see if you can add something to this list of
Yarn Shop Ettiquette.
#1.) I don't care what yarn you knit on, that is your choice, but do not expect me to wind up another stores yarn on my ball winder, ask the place you bought it from to do it for you, this is a service I provide, for yarn bought in my shop.

#2.) Conversation should be acceptable to all genres of knitters, just like anywhere else you would sit and kabitz.

and lastly and most unbelievable I guess, see if you can top this?

#3.) If you are a previous shop owner, or you have Stash to get rid of, it is extemely arrogant, rude and disrespectful (refer to above *) to bring in your boxes and sell it in my shop for any reason, whatsoever. It tends to tick me off and make other customers uncomfortable. If your intention was to tick me off, you win!!!! The Arrogant, rude award, that is!!!!

Any other suggestions?


JANYCE said...

In reference to #3: That's called balls and not the ones made of yarn. Maybe I could hire that person to stand in an American Family Agency and sell my companies!!!!!!! How far would that fly??

Anonymous said...

What is the saying, "Do unto others as you would want done to yourself"?